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Team profile: Andrew Butler - Solution Architect


"Please Introduce Yourself"

Hi, my name is Andrew Butler and I am a Solution Architect at Configit in Warwick. I joined Configit as a developer in 2012 and have since changed to focus more on the application architecture.



"Tell me about the role and why you like working here?"

My role involves designing new components, looking at ways of enhancing our existing components and guiding other developers on the best design patterns. I am also still involved in development.

Our products are constantly evolving and incorporating new technologies and patterns which means the work never gets boring!



"What career development is there?"

There are a number of different career paths available at Configit. There are always opportunities to progress to a different role and position and since the company is growing rapidly, there will be even more to choose from.



"What's the culture like here and why do people enjoy working here?"

Configit has a brilliant team of skilled developers and a great working atmosphere. We pride ourselves on developing the best solutions to the problems and always work to achieve this goal.



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