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Team profile: Sumithra Vijayaraghavan, Software Test Analyst


"Tell me about the role and why you like working here?"

I am a Software test analyst within the Ace product team and look after the Software Testing activities before we deliver software to the customer. My job is to ensure the software that we deliver is of the highest quality and thereby ensure customer satisfaction.



"What career development is there?"

Our management encourages cross functional working by giving an individual the best chance of picking up new skills either through training or additional responsibilities. The fact that we use Agile methodology and Industry-Standard programming tools enhances employee learning and growth.



"What's the culture like here and why do people enjoy working here?"

The atmosphere is one of 'informal professionalism' and everyone is very approachable. There are regular team-building activities to boost our morale. I find the work-life balance to be ideal.



"What would you say to encourage someone to join the company?"

I'd say this is an up and coming company with a lot of scope for growth both at a professional and a personal level. It is a great place to work.



"What key words describe the association?"

Challenging, Ambitious, Enlightening, Motivating, Fun.



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