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to which you will rise - and so will we.


As part of new projects, we offer professionals from the IT sector completely new challenges: your independent, self-reliant approach to the job is necessary in order to grow alongside our young location. When it comes to enhancing our team, your personality and individuality are extremely welcome. Your ideas and creativity are required to help find new ways of doing things. It goes without saying that you will be given ample opportunity to further yourself both professionally and personally. What’s more, since our success is also your success, you will also have a financial share in it. We will grow together!


for which you needn’t give up anything.


Even though we are still a fledgling company in the IT sector, there is nonetheless a difference between us and the usual understanding of start-ups. This difference is known as ‘Hygge’. Individual freedom and regular free time are highly valued in our workplace culture and there is a definite place for family and good friends. Work–life balance is not just an empty phrase at Configit, but a distinct reality.


What we are looking for