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Jesper Blak Møller

Jesper Blak Møller holds a PhD in Computer Science and has worked with product modelling and configuration solutions at Configit for over 15 years. As Product Manager for the Quote and Model products, he has extensive knowledge about rule based systems, SAP variant configuration, and modelling and pricing of complex products. Before the role as Product Manager, practical experiences as solutions architect and configuration engineer in Configit’s Delivery department, and as software developer in Configit’s R&D department was achieved.


Presentation: Configit Quote introduction
Introduction to Configit’s CPQ product, Configit Quote, including a demonstration of the key features: configuration of products, pricing and quotation generation. Explaining the workflow of two new features: variant matching and approval workflows. Examples on how to integrate Quote with CRM and ERP systems will also be shown.


Presentation: Configit Model introduction
Configit Model is Configit’s product modelling tool for creating declarative configuration systems based on VT technology. This presentation gives an outline of the tool and how you use it to build complex product models that can be consumed by configuration applications. Clarification on how the rule engine works, and viewing complex pricing in product models integrated with Quote.

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Jesper Blak Moeller