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The History of Configit

The history of Configit begins where academically driven research meets real industry problems; spawning our vision of providing the technology, tools and insight to handle the world’s configuration problems.  We succeed by continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible with configuration technology in concrete industry settings. The following is a brief sampling of Configit milestones.


Henrik Reif Andersen and Henrik Hulgaard are both researchers at DTU, Technical University of Denmark, and find that they have a common interest in formal verification of embedded software.

At Beologic, a spin-off of Bang & Olufsen, the two scientists begin applying high level theoretical principles on making Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) work with formal verification of practical problems.  In conjunction with scientists from Aalborg University, the research results in a patented algorithm that will later be part of the German high-speed ICE trains.



Reif Andersen and Hulgaard's research group is transferred to the newly established IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). The group continues their research, applying BDDs and formal verification to practical industry challenges, and discovers a huge potential when their research is applied to solving configuration problems.

The vision of handling configurations throughout the entire life-cycle of configurable products is formed when the team discovers the power and potential of the technology, which will later be called Virtual Tabulation.

IT-University of Copenhagen


The first version of pmc - the Product Modeler Compiler - was released and Configit was established as a University spin-off. Danfoss became the first customer to realize the new possibilities of Virtual Tabulation. Danfoss compiled the product model logic of industrial cooling controllers into VT-files that were then embedded onto cooling controllers, thus guaranteeing complete and correct configurations of Danfoss Commercial Cooling Systems worldwide. The precursor to Configit Model - PM Studio - was soon released to support the development of product models.



Unharmed by the burst of the .com bubble, Configit continues to acquire new customers. A strategic collaboration with Vestas, the world leader in Wind Turbine Industry, links product modeling and configuration directly to product development and engineering and requires a new tool: Configit Model. The first North American customer, Psion/Teklogix, applies Virtual Tabulation to legacy configurator data, resulting in faster and more user-friendly applications for end users. This success, leads to the trend of more and more customers realizing the potential of compiling legacy configurator data into VT-files.

Configit Model


Professor Henrik Reif Andersen is appointed CEO and introduces a new strategy with a strong focus on end-to-end software for SAP.

The roadmap for a Configure-Price-Quote application for SAP was established as a direct result of this strategy and of several studies with organizations using the SAP variant configurator. This would then lead to Configit Quote for SAP, allowing SAP organizations to safely deploy SAP-based product configuration and pricing to a much wider user base enabled by offline and standalone capability and improvements in usability.

An additional result is the close and long term partnership between Configit and SAP, confirming our common ambition to make powerful business software.

Grundfos is the first customer to put Configit’s SAP runtime into use.

Configit Quote


Configit becomes part of the Andersen Advisory Group, which is now the main investor in the growing company.


Jaguar Land Rover launches a strategic program to streamline product lifecycle management of new vehicles. The program includes implementation of enterprise-wide product lifecycle management tools from Dassault Systèmes and a new ERP-platform from SAP. A key component is the ability to manage the configuration of vehicles from the early design phases through to ordering, delivery and maintenance. Jaguar Land Rover selected Configit to develop a new standard platform for configuration management called Configit Ace. Configit Ace replaces a range of legacy systems to provide a single platform for all authoring and execution of product configuration intent. Configit Ace is the first product of its kind in the enterprise software market.

Configit Ace


Configit Inc. is established in Atlanta, GA, Configit GmbH in Dusseldorf and Configit in Shanghai, China. The North American office focuses on solutions development, professional services and overall support for the North American market and growing customer base. Configit GmbH provides sales support to the German marketplace while Configit Shanghai further develops the dialogue with the local manufacturing industry.

Configit now has offices in Denmark (Copenhagen), United Kingdom (Warwick), India (Chennai), United States (Atlanta), Germany (Düsseldorf) and China (Shanghai).


In 2014 Configit was named one of the fastest growing business software providers in Denmark by the financial newspaper Børsen. With the acquisition of 3Dfacto and continuous growth through new hires and new clients in offices around the world, 2014 has been the most prosperous year to date for Configit.

Additionally, Configit released Configit Ace® and launched Configit Build™, based on technology founded by 3Dfacto.


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