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CLM | Seamlessly Connecting the Disconnected

“…companies must look at solutions that enable end-to-end process and data management capabilities…”CIMdata’s recent white paper, “Configuration Lifecycle Management: Seamlessly Connecting the Disconnected,” takes a deep dive into Configit’s end-to-end lifecycle management approach.Download a free copy of the white paper […]

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SAP Variant Configuration (SAP VC) Explained

The basis of Variant Configuration is the product model, which defines all possible or legal configurations of a given product. In SAP, this is defined using a graphical environment like PMEVC, or a more powerful (if less user-friendly) set of […]

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How do you choose the right CPQ solution?

Aligning workflows and order processes through a global platform enabled ABB to share product and pricing information across borders and markets. At the same time, they were able to provide the freedom to customize product configurators for specific sales channels and use cases, such as dealer portals or eCommerce solutions.

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How do you accelerate the ordering process?

One way to ensure this is by using sales configurators, or CPQ software, that captures the product knowledge of your company’s engineering, pricing and marketing professionals and puts it in the hands of the sales people – or the customer themselves. This can dramatically reduce time spent on sending quotes back and forth between departments for quality assurance and approval.

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SAP Configuration Cheat Sheet

The SAP configuration cheat sheet contains: SAP Configuration Basics Abbreviations Transactions SAP Configuration Basics SAP has three different configuration products. The most widely used component for handling configuration in SAP is SAP Variant Configuration (VC). SAP-VC, also known as LO-VC, […]

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Solving the challenges of interactive product configuration

To answer this, we’ll further define what we mean by product configuration, look at what the challenges of configuration are, and see how Configit solves those challenges with its patented Virtual Tabulation (VT) technology. What are Interactive Product Configurators? Interactive […]

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Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Some typical pain points are: Misaligned data causing error states Lack of collaboration between business units, resulting in sub-optimal solutions and error-prone manual processes Lack of insight into consequences of design decisions made by product development and/or decisions on product […]

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Interview with Anders S. Rasmussen, Configit Technology Center

Configit Technology Center First Look What is your current role in Configit, Anders? I am involved in what we call Technology Center (TC), which is a group of people who take care of our core technology. If you use Configit’s […]

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Virtual Tabulation™: The New Configuration Technology

All products in the Configit software suite are based on the patented configuration technology Virtual Tabulation. Virtual Tabulation solves the difficult part of the configuration problem once, where traditional approaches solve it over and over again. Because of this key […]

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Virtual Tabulation™ Background: Interactive Product Configuration

Configit’s technology has been developed for the interactive configuration of services and/or goods, called product configuration. It is based on the concept of a product model.Technically, a product model consists of a set of parameters, a set of possible values […]

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