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DateProductCourse CodeGeographic Location
January 16-19Configit ModelM1-022Atlanta, GA, United States
January 23-26Configit QuoteQ1-008Langenfeld, Germany
February 6-9Configit QuoteQ1-009Atlanta, GA, United States
February 13-17Configit BuildB1-014Langenfeld, Germany
February 27 - March 3Configit AceA1-005Langenfeld, Germany
March 13-17Configit BuildB1-015Atlanta, GA, United States
March 27-30Configit ModelM1-023Langenfeld, Germany
April 3-7Configit AceA1-006Atlanta, GA, United States
April 17-20Configit QuoteQ2-002Atlanta, GA, United States
May 2-5Configit ModelM2-005Langenfeld, Germany
May 8-11Configit ModelM2-006Atlanta, GA, United States
May 29 - June 1Configit QuoteQ2-003Langenfeld, Germany
June 5-9Configit BuildB1-016Atlanta, GA, United States
June 19-23Configit BuildB1-017Langenfeld, Germany
July 17-21Configit BuildB1-018Langenfeld, Germany
July 24-28Configit BuildB1-019Atlanta, GA, United States
August 7 - 10Configit ModelM1-024Atlanta, GA, United States
August 21-24Configit QuoteQ1-010Copenhagen, Denmark
September 4 - 8Configit AceA1-007Langenfeld, Germany
September 11-14Configit QuoteQ1-011Atlanta, GA, United States
September 25-28Configit ModelM1-025Langenfeld, Germany
September 25 - 29Configit AceA1-008Atlanta, GA, United States
October 16-20Configit BuildB1-020Atlanta, GA, United States
October 23-26Configit QuoteQ2-003Langenfeld, Germany
October 30 - November 2Configit ModelM2-007Atlanta, GA, United States
November 6 - 9Configit ModelM2-008Langenfeld, Germany
November 27 - December 1Configit BuildB1-021Langenfeld, Germany
December 4-7Configit QuoteQ2-004Atlanta, GA, United States

Dieses Kursprogramm ist Änderungen unterworfen.

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