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CLM Summit 2021
May 17-18, 2021
Configuration Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit 2021
Cross-Functional Collaboration as a Catalyst for Growth
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Empowering your sales teams with the right technology is critically important. Delivering an accurate, competitively priced quote, the first time, can often be the difference between an opportunity won or lost. Join speakers from Accenture, Arçelik, Krone, Unity and Viessmann as they discuss how enhancing CPQ with Enterprise Product Configuration has reduced quoting time, accelerated sales cycles and improved customer experience.

Keynote: How Manufacturers Can Reimagine the Customer Experience by Enhancing Their Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

In the new era of software-driven, smart, connected offerings, a single core product can be configured in multiple variations. Demand from buyers for hyper-personalization is another side of the same coin. This creates challenges all along the B2B sales funnel.

In a world where products are becoming living platforms, embedded in ecosystems of third-party developers, suppliers and external marketers, it can also make a decisive financial impact as a value driver and engine of growth.

Thomas Wrana

Senior Manager, Industry Consulting / Digital Transformation, Accenture

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Reduce Quotation Time and Improve Customer Experience with Configuration Lifecycle Management

CPQ, or Configure-Price-Quote, has been a staple of large manufacturing companies since the 1980’s. At the time, it was viewed as a salesperson’s best friend, providing a one-stop-shop for fast customer quotes. But as customers demand the ability to customize products, and products become more complex, CPQ systems are struggling to keep pace.

Jens Ellebæk will present customer use-cases that demonstrates how Configuration Lifecycle Management integrates the configuration data from ERP, CRM and PLM systems, creating a single source of truth, reducing quotation time and improving customer experience.

Jens Ellebæk

Consulting Offerings Manager, Configit

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Selecting a Constraint Management Tool to Improve the Customer Experience

Arçelik A.Ş. engages in the production and marketing of durable goods, components, consumer electronics and after-sale services around the world. A typical product sold by Arçelik can have more than 3,000 assemblies and parts, over 200 customer choices, millions of buildable configurations and is sold in 146 countries. Arçelik needed the ability to configure the product in an effective and timely manner in order to stay competitive.

In this presentation, Şadiye Göçer and Caner Erdem will explain Arçelik’s journey of selecting the appropriate constraint management tool in order to support Arçelik’s vision for creating a Sales Configurator for their consumers.

Şadiye Göçer

R&D Technical Leader, Arçelik

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Caner Erdem

IT Business Analyst, Arçelik

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Making Product Variants Manageable and Optimize the Offering

Krone, a leading European manufacturer of trailers and agricultural machinery, found it a challenge to consistently synchronize their ERP and PLM systems. With relational knowledge also mapped in their sales configurator, they experienced errors and relied on manual, time-consuming comparisons.

In this presentation, you will learn how Krone Trailers put in place a new solution that can manage producing more than 40,000 trailers per year, all having a large number of customer requirements, while also increasing cost efficiency and shortening time to market.

Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Digital Officer, Krone

Co-author: Lorenz Weiss

Division Manager R&D Trailer Business and Program Manager of Implementation Project KONAP, Krone

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How to Turn Your Customer Experience into a Competitive Advantage with 3D Visualization

The customer experience is essential in today’s competitive market. The ability to speed up the decision process, convincing shoppers to become buyers, is very much dependent on the customers’ experience. Unity helps innovative companies across the automotive, transportation and manufacturing sectors reimagine how they bring products to life with real-time 3D technology.

This presentation will present examples of how you can showcase your products with interactive, real-time 3D product configurators, images, and more. Learn how to turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage using 3D real time visualization.

Jerome Maurey-Delaunay

Senior Technical Specialist, Industry, Unity

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Simplification of the Sales Process for Viessmann's Partners and Alignment across Internal and External Sales Tools

Viessmann, a leading international manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems, had the goal to make selling their products easier. By streamlining both internal and external processes, Viessmann will increase the amount of active partners using their online portal while eliminating costly paper catalogue, and increasing market share.

In this presentation, you will learn how Viessmann simplified and automated selling complex products, solutions, and systems with embedded technologies such as temperature setting, flow, and remote controls using apps.

Christoph Dannler

Director of Product Line Management and Operations North America, Viessmann

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How to Start the Configuration Lifecycle Management Journey for Sales

Henrik Hulgaard

Founder & CTO, Configit

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Henrik Reif Andersen

Founder & CSO, Configit

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  • Connect functions, systems and processes.

    May 17, 14.30 - 18.00 CEST |
    8.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. EDT

  • Go beyond CPQ.

    May 18, 9.30 - 12.35 CEST
    Recorded session for US attendees

  • Leverage your PLM.

    May 18, 14.30 - 17.45 CEST |
    8.30 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. EDT

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Hear industry leaders from Accenture, Arçelik, Unity and Viessmann discuss how enhancing CPQ with Enterprise Configuration Management reduces time to market, accelerates sales cycles and optimizes customer experience.