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GEA Tuchenhagen

GEA Tuchenhagen, with HQ in Büchen, Germany, manufactures and sells supply process valves, valve blocks, in-line process connections, cleaning devices and pumps. These industrial components are flexible so that they can be adjusted to optimize process parameters. GEA develops and maintains configurators for their flexible components on the central SAP platform.

GEA Tuchenhagen uses Configit Quote for SAP to provide a user-friendly and efficient quotation tool for the sales force and key customer accounts, which allows them to configure, price, quote and order GEA products. Configit Quote for SAP can be used by both internal and external users and provides access to products, configurators and pricing from SAP even if the user is disconnected from SAP or working offline.

Configit Quote also supports a fast product entry mode, where typing a complete or partial product code string works as a quick alternative to an interactive configuration process. This feature is helpful for the experienced user with a high volume of transactions.


Case Story

gea tuchenhagen case story

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