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The SAP configuration cheat sheet contains:

SAP Configuration Basics

SAP has three different configuration products. The most widely used component for handling configuration in SAP is SAP Variant Configuration (VC). SAP-VC, also known as LO-VC, is typically used for selling complex products that are stored in SAP ERP.

Internet Pricing and Configurator (IPC) is a more recent, Java-based version, of SAP-VC, purpose built for e-commerce.

Solution Sales Configuration (SSC) builds on IPC to offer more advanced configuration capabilities. Whereas VC and IPC are included with SAP ERP, SSC is licensed seperately and typically only relevant for very large enterprise organizations offering very complex products.


A list of acronyms and abbreviations you will typically notice when working with product configuration in SAP.



ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming – Language to program the SAP Application Server
ALE Application Link Enabling – ALE exchanges messages across R/3 systems. ALE uses the IDOC-format
ATO Assemble To Order
CSTIC Characteristic – a variable in an SAP product model
CTO Configure To Order
CWG Configuration Work Group
DIMP Discrete Industries and Mill Products
ECC Enterprise Core Component – SAP ECC replaced the old R/3-architecture
ECM Engineering Change Management
ETO Engineer To Order
IDOC Intermediate DOCuments – format to communicate between different SAP systems
IPC Internet Pricing Configurator and Configurator – the Java-based SAP configurator
ISA (SAP) Internet Sales Application – SAP web commerce application integrated against SAP ERP or SAP CRM
KBIF Knowledge Base Interchange Format – an attempted XML-format for SAP product models
KMAT Konfigurierbares MATerial – a configurable material in SAP
MTO Make To Order
MTS Make To Stock
Pfunction A procedure type of variant functions that can refer to the configuration state using $self, $parent and $root
PDR SAP Product Data Replication (uses ALE)
PMEVC Transaction to launch the Graphical Product Modeling Environment for the Variant Configurator
PP Production Planning – a distinct functional module in SAP R/3
UI User Interface
VMS Vehicle Management System (vertical solution for the automotive industry)
VMC Virtual Machine Container – an architecture supporting both ABAP and Java programming for
SAP Virtual Machine Container – an architecture supporting both ABAP and Java programming for SAP


A short list of typical transactions in SAP.


Model Structure

CU02 (Dependency maintenance) MM01/02 (Create/Maintain material)
CU22 (Dependency Net maintenance) CL20N (assign objects to classes)
CU42 (Change configuration profile) CL22N (class and child relation)
CU50 (Configuration) CL24N (assign material to class)
CU60 (Variant table content) CL02 (Class maintenance)
CUMODEL (Browse Product Model) CT04 (Characteristic maintenance)
PVMEVC (Product Modeling Environment) CS01/02 (Create/Maintain BOM)

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