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Configit to Attend PI Congress in San Diego October 21-22, 2014

Atlanta, GA
September 18th 2014

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s PI Congress held in San Diego, CA. Configit, along with our client, Jaguar Land Rover, will be both hosting and presenting over the 2 day period.  Please see the following overview.  We encourage you to sign-up for the “Think Tank” and to attend the Focus Group on CLM as well as the PLM and ERP product configuration seminar.


October 21, Room 4

Focus Group – Configuration Lifecycle Management

JLR see configuration management as a very important factor in realizing mass customization. The issue is that because many enterprise-wide applications feature configuration functionality you end up unnecessarily duplicating configuration activity and data therefore leveraging this in a dynamic market becomes complex.

Consumer buying patterns and practices have changed and in many industry sectors, mass production is being abandoned and replaced by customization. This interactive process might seem simple from the consumer’s perspective, but to work, is supported by a complex system of product model authoring, rules and requirements to effectively generate a new BOM, configure the order and/or create a visual representation there and then.

So how do you manage configuration lifecycle as a centralized approach, thus meeting the demands of the consumer in real-time?


October 22

David Jobling, Sales Director, and Mike Stroffolino, Automotive Pre-Sales Manager, both with Configit, will host “Think Tank: Sharing Product Configuration Intelligence within your Organization”.  This will be an open discussion; participants and input are welcome from all industries.

Think Tank Overview:

Today, global organizations are developing products to be manufactured in multiple plants and marketed in multiple geographies, adding new dimensions to product complexity and increasing demands upon the information infrastructure.

This think tank will explore the requirements for, and consumption of, product configuration assets throughout the organization, covering topics such as:

  • Engineering / R&D rules

  • Software and electronics configuration

  • Legislative requirements

  • Global marketing intent

  • Supply and manufacturing constraints

  • Supporting the sales configuration process



October 22, Room 2

Bridging the Configuration Gap

Joy Batchelor, Technical Specialist for Product Configuration, Jaguar Land Rover will discuss the configuration challenge and the journey they have undertaken over the last 4 years in preparation for a detailed and successful launch in early 2014.

Session Details:

In 2009 the ongoing evaluation of PLM applications, combined with a multi-phased deployment of an ERP application provided the backdrop for Jaguar Land Rover to examine the opportunities for the rationalisation and optimisation of product configuration capabilities. Joy Batchelor will discuss the configuration challenge and the journey they have undertaken over the last 4 years in preparation for a detailed and successful launch in early 2014.

  • Understanding the configuration challenge in a configure-to-order company where personalisation is vital
  • What is configuration lifecycle management? – scope, platform development and benefits
  • How will configuration lifecycle management support innovation in product modelling, test capabilities and future visualisation?
  • What are the opportunities for the future?

Please feel free to contact us while at the Conference or before to set up one-on-one meetings or product demonstrations.  E-mail for assistance.

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