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Configit Partners with 3D Visualization Specialist ZeroLight to Provide Next-Generation Car Configurators

Copenhagen, Denmark
March 4th 2016

Configit and ZeroLight join forces in a new partnership. The combination of Configit’s and ZeroLight’s unique offerings allows OEMs to benefit from class-leading solutions for the back-end and front-end challenges involved in deploying modern and engaging digital experiences both online and in showrooms.

Working with major brands around the world, ZeroLight is an omnichannel car configurator solution leading the industry in the development of digitalized car dealerships, 3D web configurators and virtual reality experiences.  Specializing in real-time 3D visualization technology, their industry-leading solutions are currently used by Audi, Pagani and a number of unannounced customers.

Senior Vice President Thomas Randrup from Configit says, “I’m very excited about the partnership and to have found a visualization solution powerful enough to be used with our advanced rules engine technology. ZeroLight’s advanced omnichannel visualization solution brings the highest levels of real-time graphical quality to Configit’s leading configuration technology and does justice to the speed and complexity of our rules and configuration engine.” 

Configit brings rules engine and analytical power to product configurators by deploying Virtual Tabulation™ (VT) technology.  This enables instant response times and delivers a superior user experience all while validating the billions and billions of possible combinations of options and features in today’s cars.  Configit is able to import and process standard manufacturer data – e.g. engineering and marketing rules – without any re-authoring, ensuring a single source of truth.

Darren Jobling, ZeroLight CEO, believes that, “By working alongside Configit, OEM’s have more flexibility when selecting their rules engine solution.  Whether it is ZeroLight’s own rules engine, their existing provider or Configit’s world leading technology, they have more options available to them in finding the best solution for their project.”

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