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Danish Programme Commission Shares 10 Recommendations on Strategic Growth Technologies

January 27th 2014

Today, the Danish Programme Commission on Strategic Growth technologies, of which, Configit CEO Henrik Reif is a member, published a report containing 10 recommendations for using ICT as a means for Danish industrial growth.

The recommendation focuses on growth and a better interplay between public Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure and ICT competencies for the public and businesses.

Danish Programme Commission Recommendations:

  1. A continuously updated national strategy for raising competencies within the entire education system should support the digital transformation of Denmark.

  2. The use of educational resources and tools in the education system should be accelerated and opportunities for export should be strengthened.

  3. A national partnership will significantly increase the digitalization and automation of small to medium size enterprises (SMEs).

  4. Businesses access and use of data should be a driver for growth.

  5. Increased research activity in ICT should increase growth in large and small businesses.

  6. The conditions for growth for digital enterprise should be strengthened.

  7. A public sector should support the possibilities of the digital age.

  8. Public purchases should promote sales of innovative ICT solutions with potential for export.

  9. All Danish citizens should have access to fast broadband infrastructure.

  10. Digital security should support digital growth in Denmark.

In connection with the publication of the report, the Danish Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard remarked:

ICT is a supporting factor of growth in all business sectors, which underlines the significance of paying special attention to the development of this area. The recommendations from the growth commission showcase the importance of establishing proper conditions for education among Danish graduates as well as the development of new knowledge and research to place us among the leading countries in new digital solutions.

You can download the full report (in Danish) or read the press release (in Danish) on the website of the Ministry of Business and Growth.

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