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Presenting Improved Methods for Product Modeling in SAP, CWG Prague April 26-29, 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark
April 23rd 2015

More Powerful Product Modeling in SAP LO-VC

Product Modeling in SAP, ie. authoring rules, relations, functions and calculations employing a user friendly interface and third generation configuration technology will serve as one of several topics presented by Jesper Møller at this years CWG conference in Prague.

Møller will also highlight Configit’s advanced compiler technology, which computes the full solution space, detects blocked values, and provides explain-why support.  The presentation will also include demonstrations on creating quotations using an interactive configurator with full guidance, and uploading configurations and pricing back to SAP.


Event Details

The event will take place from April 26 – 29, 2015 at the Designhotel Elephant Prague. Tickets are available at the SAP Configuration Workgroup Website.

Configit is a gold sponsor of the event. For more information regarding Configit’s involvement at the CWG conference in Prague, please contact



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