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STORZ Utilizes SAP Quotation Tool to Boost Quotation Accuracy and Efficiency

February 7th 2014

KARL STORZ, an internationally renowned, leading supplier in endoscopy and OR integration, recently implemented Configit Quote, an SAP quotation tool, that has generated both impressive reactions – and numbers.  CIO for KARL STORZ North America, Matt Butcher, comments,

Accuracy and efficiency are through the roof. This was a game changer for us. We have essentially simplified our entire business structure and eliminated the possibilities for human error. You would have to work hard to produce an inaccurate quote – in fact – I don’t think it’s possible. Configit Quote helps our sales force drive the conversation with our customers by following it’s easy to understand format and we know we will provide them with everything they need. We are in the process of rolling out Quote to our European branches


Why KARL STORZ Needed an SAP Quotation Tool

KARL STORZ develops innovative products and concepts, which, thanks to in-depth consultation with leading surgeons, university hospitals and research institutes, are closely geared to the needs of medical practices and further optimized.  Celine Bae, OR1 Operations Manager for KARL STORZ commented on the decision to implement Configit Quote,

Our business demands precise, accurate quotes be provided in a fast and efficient manner, with no room for errors. Each customer has unique needs with complex orders and we were trying to handle quotes using an excel document that left room for errors by omitting mandatory requirements, price changes and up-to-date data.

This could result in quote errors and in turn loss of profit, time management issues from having to re-do quotes and longer turnaround times to provide quotes to our customers. It was a step in the right direction when eLogic suggested we meet with Configit to learn about Quote and its offline, user-friendly quoting solution.


Case Story: KARL STORZ Achieves Unprecedented Precision, Control and User Empowerment with Configit Quote®

PDF Case Story about KARL STORZ SAP Quotation ToolTo learn more about the overall impact and benefits Configit Quote delivered to KARL STORZ, please download the case story.

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