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Configit Build™: Configure-price-quote solution for building 2D and 3D interactive visualizations

Configit Build™ allows users to design and build the desired user experience for solution configuration. Ranging from a stand-alone product with additional options and accessories, to a complete system consisting of countless connected products and components , users can infinitely add, delete or change various parts.

The comprehensive kit allows users to assemble and tailor the entire configure, price & quote (CPQ) solution by enabling the various software modules in Configit Build™, including visualization, workflow management, document generation and automatic integration to a myriad of legacy systems.

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Configit Build™ supports all organizational needs for solution configuration

Choose a field of interest in the illustration to learn how Configit Build™ addresses the following needs:

Sales Force Benefits:

  • Access to updated and complete product, pricing and customer knowledge
  • Guided selling from needs assessment to configuration and quoting
  • Reduced quote generation time by using visual product configuration
  • Increased revenue by automatic recommendation of additional options
  • Easy management of quote changes throughout the quote lifecycle

CAD Benefits:

  • Liberated resources through automated process of selecting and combining CAD parts
  • Improved lead times by automatic creation of valid CAD drawings in 2D and 3D
  • Shortened design cycle time by automatic re-use of existing CAD parts
  • Elimination of design errors by automatic validation
  • Cost reductions in BOM management

IT Benefits:

  • Easy maintenance and accelerated time to market by separation of business knowledge from application code
  • Enables business professionals to create business rules without involvement of the IT department
  • Provides single point of data maintenance and automation of business processes by strong integration
  • Achieves the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership

R&D Benefits:

  • Increased focus on innovation through automation of resource intensive processes that create trivial product variants
  • Reduced costs of customization through product standardization and optimized business processes
  • Manufacturability determined at design time and real time, eliminating costly errors
  • Easy maintenance and documentation of product knowledge
  • Reduced business risk through knowledge retention


Configit Build™ Integrated Software Modules



User friendly and powerful modeling environment that enables non-programming creation of product models using multiple rule systems in conjunction, i.e. logic, calculations, geometry, and interrelated rules between components.



Highly flexible runtime configuration environment providing numerous visuals to improve user experience as well as offering more traditional non-visual user interfaces.


Quotation Management

Advanced quote life cycle application for pipeline overview, forecasting and serving as a quote repository. Tailor-made workflows can be designed for automating business and workflow processes in the quote life cycle, i.e. revisions, authentication, review and approval of quotes and designs.



Powerful application for document automation enabling design and deployment of tailor-made document templates in different designs and formats that are compliant with corporate brand policies.



Flexible and open interfaces that can be tailored in great extent to support automatic and seamless integration with almost any ERP/CRM/CAD/PLM or other legacy systems.


Configit Build™ Selected Customers:

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