Configit - Build®

Visual Configuration for Complex Products and Systems

Create a superior customer experience using Configit Build’s intuitive 2D & 3D product configuration.
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Automated CAD generation

  • Turn configurations into CAD drawings for manufacturing and documentation for proposals
  • Improve handover time and quality from sales to manufacturing and delivery
Configit Build: 2D & 3D product configuration software

Configure and sell highly complex, unbounded systems

  • Remove barriers and uncertainty in selling systems composed of configured products

No coding required

  • Create configurators using an intuitive graphical user interface

Interactive 2D and 3D sales configurators

  • Easily navigate and configure products and large systems
  • Intuitively configure and sell complex systems

Collaborative product modeling

  • Powerful and intuitive collaborative modeling tool enables quick and efficient design and maintenance
Visual configuration tools for selling
complex products and systems with ease

According to research from Gartner, companies using visual configuration solutions experience significant improvements in their deal win rate, lower costs for drafting CAD drawings, and less rework in the factory.

One of three modeling solutions, Configit Build handles large systems of interdependent, configurable products, making it ideal for companies selling complex products and systems such as process equipment, network systems, and rack systems.

Remove bottlenecks

Eliminate the cumbersome ‘engineer-to-order’(ETO) process by making product and engineering knowledge available to sales. Providing this data in a visual format enables sales to find the customer’s perfect solution using the more efficient ‘configure-to-order’ (CTO) process.

Guide the buyer’s experience

Configuration rules ensure that only what can be built in manufacturing can be configured in sales. Visual configuration removes doubt in the configuration process by making complex, interdependent products and systems concrete and tangible. Guided by configuration rules and visualization, both sales and customers have a clear idea of what is being sold, and that what is being sold can be built to specification.

Reduce time to quote from weeks to minutes

React to customer preferences faster with guided configuration and sales processes that eliminate the need for multiple iterations with product and implementation experts.

Automatically turn configurations into proposals and CAD drawings

When the perfect solution has been configured, Configit Build will generate proposals and CAD drawings automatically based on the configuration. This provides both the customer and the seller tangible documentation of what will be delivered, as well as accelerating the handover process from sales to manufacturing and delivery.