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Modeling and Runtime Environments that Make Developing Configurator Applications Fast and Efficient.

Develop Configurator Applications Fast and Efficiently

The Configit Model consists of modeling and runtime environments that make it fast and efficient for System Integrators (SIs) to develop configurator applications. The result is applications that interactively guide users to solutions with unparalleled speed and consistency.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The technology in Configit Model eliminates the traditional pitfalls of double maintenance of product model data and the high level of skills required by rule writers and product modelers, which have made configuration technology unfeasible for many organizations.

The Technology

The underlying technology of Configit Model is the patented Virtual Tabulation

Develop Customized Configurator Applications Efficiently

  • Develop user-friendly sales configurators that make it easy to sell complex products
  • Develop commissioning wizards for electronic devices and industrial controllers that ensure a fast, user-friendly and 100% correct setup
  • Extract existing product models from ERP or PLM systems to create user-friendly interactive configurators that can be deployed anywhere

Implement Faster

  • Simpler to create and maintain product models
  • More efficient than traditional methods
  • Faster and safer to implement tiered as well as untiered solutions and for built-in pack-and-go distribution of corresponding .NET application

8-queens problem

Configit Model guides the user to only choose valid solutions. This is illustrated in 8-queens problem demo where the runtime guides you to only choose valid positions on the chess board.



The Software Consists of a Modeling Environment and a Runtime Environment

Configit Model can be used to define product characteristics and rules.


Configit Runtime can be used to develop interactive, stand-alone or Web applications like the bike demo.



Configit Modular Extension

Extend your configurator solutions to very large models.


Learn more


If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of Configit Model, please find our local contact information on the Contact page or press the button below to request a call.

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