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CPQ Approval Workflows in Configit Quote

As your products and sales processes become more and more complex, the need for oversight increases. How do you adequately govern who sells your products to whom, by what channels, and at what prices?

Configit Quote helps answer these challenges with its new CPQ approval workflow system. Approvals give you the confidence that your profit margins are safeguarded and that specific technical or engineering requirements are met, without inhibiting your sales processes.

How does the CPQ Approval Workflow System Work?

With approval workflow, you define the rules that automatically trigger when a quote needs approval, such as when a discount is too high. Your sales reps can either change the quotes so that the rule thresholds are met, or initiate an approval request. Approvers like sales managers can accept the requests, or reject them, sending quotes back to the sales reps for further review.

A typical approval workflow is as follows:

cpq approval workflow

Initially, the approval status of the quote is “No Approval Required”.

  • When a user changes the quote, the workflow engine checks whether all approval rules are satisfied. If one or more rules are not satisfied, the quote’s status is changed to “Not started”, indicating approval is required.
  • If the user changes the quote so that all approval rules are satisfied, the status is set back to “No Approval Required”.
  • If the quote requires approval, the user can make approval requests for each rule that is not satisfied. This changes the quote’s status to “Pending”, and the quote becomes locked. The system notifies approvers of the request.
  • If all approval requests are approved, the status is changed to “Approved”. If one of the approval requests is rejected, the status is changed to “Rejected”.

What are the Benefits?

Approval workflow is a must for businesses focused on minimizing the risks of human-factor related mistakes, while also saving time and resources and elevating the overall efficiency of the business. Additionally, approval workflow:
  • Keeps unapproved or forgotten documents from piling up
  • Speeds up associated business processes by avoiding the delay of manual approval steps
  • Tracks each step in the process, allowing complete oversight and traceability
  • Secures integrity by controlling what sales reps can offer
  • Gives users a clear overview of tasks, and in turn, faster and simpler job completion

More information

To learn more about Configit Quote® and the approval workflow system, contact
Jesper Moeller:



1 This is an overall description of the expected functionality and interaction. A more detailed description of the features will follow once the features have been implemented.

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