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How Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing Today

It’s the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track customer-facing process improvement and new business model success that matter most and have the potential to revolutionize their entire companies. The study found that manufacturing executives who chose customer-based metrics a ... Read more

PLM | Manufacturers’ Secret To High Performance

Capgemini found that high-performing manufacturers excel at developing, launching and selling smart, connected products at a rate that outdistances their peers. Today, 25% of high performing manufacturers’ product portfolios are smart, connected products, compared to 19.5% of their counterparts ... Read more

The 10 Things Manufacturers Need To Know About PLM Today

1. Gain greater scale and speed designing innovative, smart, connected products to generate new revenue streams and data-as-a-service opportunities. 2. Get compliance under control and automate required reporting to free up the thousands of hours per year spent producing and submitting reports ... Read more

The Engine Matters

At the heart of any product configuration and/or complexity management system is a rules engine: the part of the code that controls what happens whenever the user and/or interface makes a product selection. There are several different approaches to a rules engine dating back to the late 1970s. ... Read more

Nordic Customer Day 2018

Overwhelmingly, the group came to the consensus that creating a single point of reference for data – e.g., a single source of truth – would help achieve higher customer satisfaction and experience, ensure quality across systems by optimizing communication and collaboration between d ... Read more

10 Warning Signs Your Product Configuration Strategies Need More Than CPQ

CPQ’s most compelling successes are from manufacturers who are struggling to sell configurable products through multiple channels. Designed into CRM platforms as native apps, CPQ excels at making transactions efficient at the price of product depth and intelligence. Solving the selling pains ma ... Read more

Time For A CPQ Reality Break

The CPQ market continues to be one of the fastest growing in enterprise software. In the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites published 29th of January this year, Gartner estimates that market revenue for CPQ software reached approximately $878M in 201 ... Read more

Valid Configurations in seconds with Virtual Tabulation™

Letting users easily explore how products can be configured to meet specific needs and requirements is the main purpose of product configurators and CPQ solutions. It is supposed to be a smooth and intuitive process for the user, hiding the fact that the configuration problem is an extraordinar ... Read more

10 Ways Agile CPQ Strategies Deliver More Revenue

Manufacturing’s inflection point is here. Data, information, insight and manufacturing intelligence are leading to a revolution in customer responsiveness and flexibility. The days of relying on monolithic systems that excel at producing standardized products with no variation are over. The fut ... Read more

The Three Biggest Organizational Changes That Remove Purchase Barriers

As customers begin to add more of your products into their homes, you need to be able to offer a full view of the configuration landscape. To accomplish this, accurate, up-to-date information must be readily available. Relying on disconnected systems to manually pull information for product con ... Read more