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Creating An Innovation Strategy That Scales With Product Intelligence

Finding new high-growth markets to compete and win customers in happens when new product development teams capitalize on the intersection of their most valuable product strengths and best-known customer needs. As intuitive as this sounds, it’s a challenge for nearly every manufacturer to make this a core aspect ... Read more

Measuring the Real Value of Configuration Lifecycle Management In Sales And Revenue Growth

The quickest path for product revenue growth is to define product lifecycles so they can flex to customer requirements over time. Imagine being able to define an entirely new product line by selecting the best features, options, configuration rules and constraints from previous products. Customer-centered confi ... Read more

10 Strategies For Revolutionizing Customer Relationships with Configuration Lifecycle Management

Sales, Sales Operations, and Marketing teams have their own product rules, constraints, and strategies for selling the most popular products and programs. CPQ apps are designed for these teams and accelerate sales cycles. Engineering, Product Management, and Manufacturing also have their definitions of the prod ... Read more

The Secret To Being Customer-Driven Is A Scalable CLM Strategy

The complexity and pace of selling are accelerating across the spectrum of global manufacturers today. The greatest challenge for many is designing greater speed and scale into their selling systems while enabling real-time integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (E ... Read more

Ten Signs Its Time To Grow Your Sales Strategies Up From Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) And Quote-To-Cash (QTC)

CPQ scales well on the front-office or sell-side of any business, excelling as a prospecting and selling application to drives customized product sales. The challenge is making the entire production, manufacturing or fulfillment engine run as smoothly and delight customers as much as a CPQ app can. CPQ can capt ... Read more

How ERP Systems Are Enabling New Business Models With Configuration Lifecycle Management

The hard reality facing manufacturers is that unless they’re actively reinventing themselves and making a deliberate attempt to improve how they design, sell and customize products for customers, they’ll be quickly be replaced by those that are. This is more pronounced in build-to-order, configure-to-order, and ... Read more

5 Strategies For Enriching Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) With Greater Configuration Intelligence

Customer complaints, the percentage of Return Material Authorizations (RMAs), reasons why they choose to buy from competitors for specific products and most often chosen upsells and cross-sells are often available in CRM and ERP systems. Customer and product data that reflects what is motivating customers to bu ... Read more

Defining The Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Landscape, 2017

The hard reality for every manufacturer is that their customer bases are changing their preferences for how, why, when and where they buy. The rapid proliferation of data, cloud-based apps, advances in smart manufacturing, and the creation of entirely new business models based on Internet of Things (IoT) furthe ... Read more