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If you have configurator rules in SAP, and want to create quotes for configured products in Salesforce, then Configit CPQ for Salesforce is the solution for you.

Configit Quote lets you prepare quotes directly from Salesforce, using the latest configuration logic and pricing data directly from SAP. Then seamlessly upload your completed quotes back to SAP, where they are ready to be turned into orders without any further work needed by the back office.

The benefits

  • Seamless access to SAP pricing and configuration from Salesforce
  • Modern and attractive configuration user interface
  • Send quotes and configurations directly to SAP.

Free Your SAP Data and Use it for CPQ for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Your SAP ERP system is loaded with valuable data, but not everyone has access to SAP. Also, parts of SAP’s systems have a considerable barriers of entry, where aspects related to pricing and configuration require expert knowledge and experience to use it.

Using Configit’s patented software to extract data from your SAP system, you can make it available not just to sales representatives, but also dealers, resellers, distributors, or the customers themselves.

Configit makes this possible by consolidating it into a package that works completely disconnected from SAP. You can use this data in your CRM, or in a custom built application using the same flexible and durable platform used by some of the biggest enterprises the world.

Say Goodbye to Dual Maintenance

If you have ever maintained data in multiple systems, you know that it’s expensive, time consuming, and error prone. And when not properly maintained, the systems become out of sync.

Since your configuration data is the key to how your products fit together, this type of data in particular, when out of sync, can cause a lot of problems; Your sales force becomes at risk of offering inaccurate quotes with the wrong pricing, maybe selling something that cannot be produced and delivered.

Using Configit’s patented technology (Virtual Tabulation™) and the unique package concept you can rest assured that you have one single source of configuration truth. You maintain your configuration truth in one place only, and distribute it to the channels where your colleagues or customers require that knowledge.

How we do it – SAP extraction and Maintenance

Configit is the only vendor who can extract configurable products from SAP and emulate the runtime behavior of SAP in our configurators.

Some CPQ vendors extract data from SAP, then convert it into a proprietary format. This is a risky approach since any change in SAP requires testing the converted models. Also, it’s going to behave differently than SAP because it’s a proprietary technology, which increases the likelihood of errors, especially when your quotes need to get processed into orders in SAP.
In contrast, Configit has done extensive research into how SAP pricing and variant configuration functions, so that we can utilize the data as-is. We enhance SAP capabilities with Configit’s unique flexible and robust configuration platform, so you can author your rules once, and quote in Salesforce with no risky conversions required.

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