Make Variant Configuration data available to all channels in an easy to use, intuitive user interface so that sales, partners and dealers can quote faster and more accurately.

Customers with this solution

  • Leverage existing SAP VC product data and rules

    Maintain your rules in VC, or migrate them to Configit
  • Customizable and dedicated UIs

    Create multiple user interfaces for different audiences
    Customers, sales and resellers independently configure and price products
    Fast, precise orders
  • Accurate, up-to-date data

    Product and pricing data is always current
    Reduce errors in quoting
  • Automatic data synchronization

    Remove data maintenance overhead (No double maintenance of data sets)
    No re-writing of rules
    Data flows automatically between ERP and CPQ systems
Market proven integration
With the first full SAP VC integration on the market, Configit’s solution is advanced enough to bring together multiple product catalogues and pricing from different SAP ERP systems. Its out-of-the-box integration with SAP Variant Configuration, pricing, and order submission has proven to be superior when it comes to maintaining SAP ERP as the source of truth for pricing and product information.

Automatic data updates

Configit can extract all VC product and pricing definitions, making them available in a modern, intuitive, responsive CPQ user interface. Seamless integration with SAP means that quotes flow to SAP orders in native format - no re-entry or custom integration required. The entire process can be made fully automatic for a smooth, stable experience for both end users and system administrators.

Advanced user management and approval workflows

Prevent revenue leakage and control who is allowed to sell what, to whom, and at what discount with Configit’s advanced rules-based approval workflow system.

Online, offline, anytime

Sales opportunities can happen anywhere. Enable your salespeople to configure, price and quote when they are on the go, or in areas where connectivity is sparse or nonexistent. Using Configit’s patented configuration technology, Virtual Tabulation®, product and pricing data from SAP LO-VC can be used in both web-based and offline applications.

Unmatched performance

With Configit’s compilation-based approach, all valid combinations from SAP LO-VC are stored locally. There is no request for feedback from any server at any point during the configuration, making the process efficient, accurate and fast.