Build confidence in configured systems
quotes with visual configuration

For complex products and systems configuration, visual configuration can mean the difference between winning or losing a deal.

Customers with this solution

  • User experience

    Improved usability and confidence in the solution
  • User guidance

    Avoid errors and save time when selling
  • Instant feedback

    Visual cues let the user know if their choices are valid
  • Design validation

    Ensure that you get the desired end result based on validation of dimensioning and calculations
  • Automated CAD drawings

    Attach drawings and diagrams to avoid errors and save time in manufacturing
Seeing is believing
When selling systems of configurable products, being able to see the configured product displayed in real time provides a significant benefit to customers. Understanding how their choices impact their configuration is especially useful when configuring products that fit within a constrained space.

Guided navigation

Users shape their configurations according to rules and receive instant feedback on their choices. Both valid and invalid choices are alerted so that users arrive at a solution that will both solve their challenges and can be sold and produced.

Design validation

Selling solutions in domains such as power supplies, HVAC/cooling, and fluids transfer requires exact and accurate configurations. Validating the final design, including dimensions and calculations for all modules in a system, ensures the solution does what the customer intends it to do.

Automated CAD drawing and
document generation

Save time and eliminate errors during handover processes by automating the documentation, technical drawings and diagrams used in other parts of the organization.

Sell unbounded solutions

Remove limitations and free your salespeople to configure products and solutions in an open, flexible, infinite environment. Without the need to know how extensive the solution will be beforehand, sales professionals can provide a superior customer experience through fast, responsive quotes that are fully validated and exactly to the customer’s specifications.