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Customers like to see what they’re buying. For complex products, visualization isn’t just a nice-to-have: it can increase configuration accuracy and give customers greater confidence in what they’re buying. Visualization increases your customers’ understanding, informs their decision making, and guides them to the solution that meets their exact needs.

Our software lets your users see the impact of their choices during configuration in real-time. As a user makes a selection, the 2D / 3D visualizer dynamically updates to reflect that selection. And it respects all configuration rules (geometrical, structural, logical, and calculated).

Visual Product Configurators Shorten Your Sales Cycles

For companies offering configure to order (CTO) and engineer to order (ETO) products, Sales typically acts as a go-between for customers and engineering. The expertise is ‘trapped’ in engineering, which becomes an expensive bottleneck, tying up valuable resources and lengthening sales cycles.

Visual product configurators remove the back-office bottleneck by putting the power of engineering directly in the hands of your sales force. They can quickly and accurately iterate over solutions with customers, confident that what they offer will be built to specification.

Visual Product Configurators, 2D and 3D

Visual Product Configurators, 2D and 3D, are essential when configuring complex open-ended solutions like rack systems, process equipment and network systems.

Benefits of Configit Visual Product Configurator software

Solution types built using Configit Visual Product Configurator software

Our customers are using our Visual Configurator Software for all kinds of solutions, including:

  • Rack systems
    • Electrical power installations in racks and panels
    • Server racks and server room solutions
  • Process equipment
    • Food processing
    • Waste separation
    • Filling gas bottles
    • Cement creation
  • Network systems
    • Alarm systems and surveillance
    • Antenna, data, and tele networks
    • Fluid systems like heating, cooling, and air conditioning

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