Virtual Tabulation® is the technology that powers every Configit product. Whether your company is in the market for a more powerful CPQ solution, or you’re ready to take it to the next level with a fully implemented CLM system, Virtual Tabulation® delivers unprecedented power, accuracy and speed. This enables Configit software to solve the configuration problem once, delivering significant improvements in how solutions are created, maintained, deployed, and used.

Know your Solution Space

With a complete view of how many product variations exist within your company, you can start to restrict or eliminate those combinations that are either too expensive to make, or are so rarely sold that maintaining components, parts, schematics and drawings doesn’t make sense.

By placing certain parameters on your Solution Space, you will start to see which of your product variations fall inside or outside of being Buildable, Orderable or Sellable.

You will also see which of your product combinations are most popular, and which provide the most profit, allowing you to make informed decisions when streamlining offerings to optimize business operations.

Based on the patented Virtual Tabulation (VT) technology, Configit’s solutions enable companies to reduce time to market, increase quality of configurable products and improve process efficiency.
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Configit - Quote®
CPQ software with friendly UI for offline, laptops and tablets.
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Configit - Ace®
Enterprise application for authoring all configuration aspects of configurable products in a single model.
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Configit - Model®
Modeling and runtime environment for fast, efficient configurator application development.
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Configit - Build®
CPQ solution for building 2D and 3D interactive visualizations.


Configuration Lifecycle Management

“…companies must look at solutions that enable end-to-end process and data management capabilities…”
CIMdata, September 2017

Configuration Lifecycle Management

The increasing demand for more feature rich vehicles with a high degree of configurable options has many OEMs and their suppliers finding themselves constrained by old configuration management methodologies, supporting technologies, and Information Technology (IT) systems.
CIMdata, April 2018

ROI Case Study

ABB’s Electrification Products Protection and Connection (EPPC) business unit drove the deployment of Configit as a common global sales configuration solution.
Nucleus Research, May 2017

Case Stories


Read how ABB achieved a 76% return on investment and an annual benefit of $2.3 million using Configit.

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Jaguar Land Rover

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Johnson Controls

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Faster quote turnarounds, 99% quoting accuracy, and higher customer satisfaction. Read how KARL STORZ achieved these benefits, and more, by implementing Configit Quote.

Linde Hydraulics

Don't rely on Excel spreadsheets for your complex products. Learn how Linde Hydraulics implemented Configit Quote and achieved enhanced guided selling with multiple language support.


Still using paper catalogues and check-lists? Learn how Netstal eliminated the cost and bottleneck of paper to accelerate their sales cycles.