Configit’s Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) reduces the number of variants, making option selection simpler and optimizing the product offer to meet changing customer preferences driven by CO2 awareness. At Jaguar Land Rover, feature driven CLM provides a single source of configuration truth Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicle configuration data controls:
  • Every part designed
  • Every price quoted
  • Every vehicle ordered
  • Every part called to plant
  • Every invoice generated
  • Every CO2 value quoted
Jaguar Land Rover case story 2018 cover
Virtual Tabulation® is the technology that powers every Configit product. VT™ compiles every possible product configuration within your entire product portfolio, and compresses these trillions of product combinations into one compact, portable file. By having this complete solution space in one small, shareable file, anything you sell is buildable and profitable, with zero errors. Guaranteed.