Lot Size 1 as the Expected NormConfigit CLM Summit

9-10 October
SIDE Design Hotel

Share your knowledge and expand your network during the World Café sessions.

With the World Café topics, we invite you to share ideas and opinions through moderated group dialogues, with the goal of finding actionable solutions to real world problems. Participants will move in groups from session to session, with the moderators presenting findings at the end of the day.

Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS): From CAPEX to OPEX

Industry 4.0 and IIoT are bringing substantial changes to how manufacturing companies run their operations. Previously relying on the sale of products, companies such as Kaeser Compressors are seeing the benefit of turning a one-time product pur ... Read more
Henrik Hulgaard
CTO and Co-founder, PhD

The role of CLM in Digital Transformation

Transforming traditional, linear manufacturing processes into dynamic, interconnected systems can be a challenge. Establishing a strong digital infrastructure platform is key to support the many initiatives that enable digital transformation. In ... Read more
Holger Senn
CLM Principal

What’s needed in Product Configuration in 2020 -2025

What do the next 5 years hold for product configuration? What are the key trends and technologies you need to be prepared for? Moderated by Heiko Markgraf, Presales Manager DACH at Configit, this track will focus on the future challenges and sol ... Read more
Heiko Markgraf
Presales Manager DACH

CPQ today and beyond

Today, CPQ has been implemented in sales organizations and integrated into surrounding systems like eCommerce, CRM and ERP platforms. But is this enough? Could CPQ add more value in the future to the overall process and systems? This session inv ... Read more
Shahid Ayub
SVP Sales, Center of Excellence

Behind Buzzwords: How agile are you today?

Today’s customers expect customization. They know what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Agility and agile methods are common in the software industry – but can they facilitate the modularity needed in product and factory desig ... Read more
Filipp Nentwig
Consulting Manager