Time (CEST)Time (EDT)TitleSpeaker
Day 114.30-14.3508.30-08.35 a.m. Welcome Moderator
Day 114.35-14.5008.35-08.50 a.m. Opening RemarksJohan Salenstedt, Chief Executive Officer, Configit
Day 114.50-15.2008.50-09.20 a.m. Keynote: The Future of B2B Manufacturers - How to Win the Digital Transformation Game Raghavendra K.A., VP and Global Head of Core, IOT and Digital Product Engineering, Infosys
Day 115.20-15.4509.20-09.45 a.m. Moving From Process-driven to Data-driven: The Digital Transformation of Product Configuration Henrik Reif Andersen, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Configit
Day 115.45-15.5509.45-09.55 a.m. Break
Day 115.55-16.2009.55-10.20 a.m. Customer Keynote: The Art of the Possible - Why Emerson Chose CLM to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation Ted Doering, Chief Digital Officer, Emerson
Day 116.20-16.4510.20-10.45 a.m. Customer Keynote: The Art of the Possible - Why Emerson Chose CLM to Accelerate Their Digital TransformationMyla Romero, Director of Information Technology, PLM and Configurator Services, Emerson
Day 116.45-16.5510.45-10.55 a.m. Break
Day 116.55-17.2010.55-11.20 a.m. How a Global Configuration Platform Helps Decrease Time to Market and Improve Sales EffectivityRajat Bhattacharya, Digital Commerce Leader, Electrification, ABB
Day 117.20-17.5011.20-11.50 a.m. Case: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)Joy Batchelor, Technical Specialist, Product Configuration, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)
Day 117.50-18.0011.50-12.00 p.m. Closing Day 1 Moderator
Day 214.30-14.3508.30-08.35 a.m. WelcomeModerator
Day 214.35-15.0508.35-09.05 a.m. Keynote: Mastering Portfolio Uncertainty in Disruptive Times Norbert Große Entrup, Partner, Complexity Management Expert, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Day 215.05-15.30 09.05-09.30 a.m. How Efficient Management of Product Configuration Data Enables B2B Manufacturers to Navigate Changing Market Dynamics Henrik Hulgaard, VP of Product Management and Co-founder, Configit
Day 215.30-15.55 09.30-09.55 a.m. How Configit Ace® Integrated with CPQ Provides Greater Scalability, Transparency and InsightVahe Ter Nikogosyan, Chief Digital Officer, Sidel
Day 215.55-16.05 09.55-10.05 a.m. Break
Day 216.05-16.30 10.05-10.30 a.m. How Improving Quoting Processes Leads to Greater Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction Philippe König Chief Digital Officer & Head of Strategy, Arbonia
Day 216.30-16.55 10.30-10.55 a.m. How a State-of-the-Art, Cross-Functional Configuration Platform Secures Continued Operational Efficiency and Sales ProductivitySøren Bendix, Manager Master Data and Configuration, Nederman
Day 216.55-17.20 10.55-11.20 a.m. Get Started with CLM - How to Master Complexity with an End-to-End Configuration Process Facilitating Operational Efficiency and Shorter Time to MarketJochen-Thomas Morr, Partner, Digital Operations, R&D, PwC
Day 217.20-17.30 11.20-11.30 a.m. Closing Day 2 Moderator
Tech Day14.30-14.3508.30-08.35 a.m. Welcome Moderator
Tech Day14.35-15.05 08.35-09.05 a.m. Mastering Product Complexity - How to Get Started Henrik Hulgaard, VP of Product Management and Co-founder, Configit
Tech Day15.05-15.30 09.05-09.30 a.m. Build Product Models - Create Interactive Product Models Without Programming Skills Laura Beckwith, Director of Product Management, Configit
Tech Day15.30-15.55 09.30-09.55 a.m. Analyze Existing Models - Gain Insight into Product Models and Portfolios by Identifying Issues and Indications for Optimization Jesper Blak Møller, Director System Architecture, Configit
Tech Day15.55-16.05 09.55-10.05 a.m. Break
Tech Day16.05-16.30 10.05-10.30 a.m. Build Product Configurators - How to Build a Fast, Responsive and Reliable Product Configurator Jens Ellebæk, Consulting Offerings Manager, Professional Services, Configit
Tech Day16.30-16.55 10.30-10.55 a.m. Improve Existing Systems - Scale the Configuration Capabilities in Your Current Systems Sigrún Ívarsdóttir, Product Manager, Configit
Tech Day16.55-17.20 10.55-11.20 a.m. Enable Configure-to-Order (CTO) - And Reduce Engineering Support by Automating Configuration Anders S. Rasmussen, Senior Principal Software Developer, Configit
Tech Day17.20-17.30 11.20-11.30 a.m. Closing Tech DayModerator
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