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Powerful Configuration Technology for Leading
Manufacturing Companies

Trusted Leader - Proven Reliability - Powerful Technology

From Transactional to Transformational

We build configuration solutions for manufacturing companies to master the challenges of getting configurable products and services to market faster, and to sell, manufacture, and service them more effectively.

Trusted by global Fortune 500 companies for their mission-critical functions, our advanced configuration technology, Virtual Tabulation®, handles the most complex products on the market.

Configuration Lifecycle Management Solutions

How can companies attain and maintain a competitive advantage? By ensuring their entire organization is operating from the same data. To make sure sales doesn’t sell a product that can’t be manufactured, or engineering doesn’t design a product that isn’t marketable, every function that touches a product needs to be working from the same information.

We call this the single source of truth. A well of configuration data that is comprehensive, accurate and easily accessible.

Our Configuration Lifecycle Management solution is the first of its kind to connect these functions with speed, accuracy and precision.

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Solutions

If you’re not fast, your competitors will be.

Speed is a competitive advantage. But speed is irrelevant if you’re going in the wrong direction.

Using our patented Virtual Tabulation®
technology, Configit CPQ Solutions are the fastest, most accurate on the market enabling you to get your products to market with speed, precision and profit.

  • Trusted Leader

    By partnering with a trusted leader, you gain industry expertise and insight that provides you with a strong competitive advantage.
  • Proven Reliability

    Configit’s solutions have been proven and successfully implemented by the most demanding companies.
  • Powerful Technology

    Configit’s Virtual Tabulation® technology helps you solve your most complex configuration challenges while providing a user-friendly interface and transparency in your business functions.

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Meet us

Configit attends several events around the world, as well as hosting our own events. Here is where you can meet us in the coming months.

SE: 21-22 May 2019

Automotive News Europe Congress

Join top industry executives from OEMs, supplier organizations and service providers for perspectives on the industry's big issues through a series of keynote addresses, top-level presentations, and panel discussions.

In addition to a plant tour at Volvo, this event features panel discussions and world-class speakers from Jaguar, Toyota, Nissan, Opel and Volvo.


The Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg, Sweden


DE: 24-25 June 2019

Smart Variant Con 2019

Configit is proud, once again, to be a lead partner at Smart Variant CON taking part in discussing “Complexity in the Manufacturing Industry.”

Variant and complexity managers in the DACH region will discuss the handling of variance, workable methods for calculating and reducing complexity, and solutions for efficient configuration.


TITANIC Chaussee Berlin


DE: 09-10 October 2019

CLM Summit 2019

Configit is embarking on its 5th Global Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Summit. The Summit is your international meeting place to gain knowledge and inspire stakeholders in product configuration.

The Summit offers thought leadership, unique insights, and key learnings from leaders in the automotive and industrial machinery markets. Tickets go on sale in April. To be informed, please sign up below.


Hamburg, Germany