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What Is Technical Debt and How to Reduce It?

What Is Technical Debt in Manufacturing Problems That Can Arise from Technical Debt How Does CLM Help Reduce Technical Debt? Benefits of Reducing Technical Debt in Manufacturing How to Get Started – 6 Steps That Will Help You Manage Technical Debt in Manufacturing Read more

Guided Selling vs. Guided Configuration: The Ultimate Comparison

What Is Guided Selling? What Is Guided Configuration? Guided Configuration: Elevating the Customer Experience Read more

From Design to Delivery: Increase Productivity in Your Product Lifecycle Combining PLM with CLM

Building a Unified Approach to Conquer Product Complexity What Are the Phases of the Product Lifecycle? Utilizing Configuration Lifecycle Management for Digital Transformation 80% Faster Order Acquisition: Inside the Transformation of a Global Renewable Energy Leader Read more

Elevate Your B2B Manufacturing: Unleashing the Power of a Vendor-Agnostic Configurator and Immersive CX with Configit Ace®, Integrating with NVIDIA Omniverse

Enter the Composable Product Configurator Configit Ace® Delivers the Ultimate CX Using NVIDIA Omniverse Read more

Why CX Is More Important Than Ever

Providing a strong, effective customer experience has long been thought to apply only to B2C companies. Retail, online banking, travel services and real estate sites are just a few examples of the traditional business-to-consumer companies that were previously only thought of as needing to focu ... Read more

Speed Up Your Service Offerings and Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Effective Service Parts Management

The Challenge of Effective Service Parts Planning Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM): A Service Parts Management Solution What Are the Benefits of Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) for Service Read more

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM): A Discrete Manufacturing Solution for Mass Customization

What Is Discrete Manufacturing? What Are the Mass Customization Challenges of Discrete Manufacturers How Configuration Lifecycle Management Helps Discrete Manufacturers Benefits of CLM – A Discrete Manufacturing Solution Read more

How to Choose the Right Product Configuration Management Platform

Supporting Customized Products Can Lead To Complexity Challenges Managing Complexity Requires Managing Configuration The Need for Composable Configuration Management Solutions Composable Product Configurators Are CLM in Action Read more

Unlocking Omni-Channel Selling: The Power of Composable Product Configurators

Industrial manufacturers have always provided multiple sales channels for their customers, whether they be direct sales or sales via distributors, retailers and system integrators. This has required careful management to ensure that customers receive the same value and service no matter what sa ... Read more

Are You Still Using Outdated Manufacturing Software?

Over the last number of years, B2B manufacturers have made considerable investments in digital transformation initiatives. COVID-19 accelerated many of these initiatives, giving executives the confidence to embark on more ambitious transformation projects. But not all digital transformation ini ... Read more