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Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM): A Discrete Manufacturing Solution for Mass Customization

What Is Discrete Manufacturing? What Are the Mass Customization Challenges of Discrete Manufacturers How Configuration Lifecycle Management Helps Discrete Manufacturers Benefits of CLM – A Discrete Manufacturing Solution Read more

How to Choose the Right Product Configuration Management Platform

Supporting Customized Products Can Lead To Complexity Challenges Managing Complexity Requires Managing Configuration The Need for Composable Configuration Management Solutions Composable Product Configurators Are CLM in Action Read more

Unlocking Omni-Channel Selling: The Power of Composable Product Configurators

Industrial manufacturers have always provided multiple sales channels for their customers, whether they be direct sales or sales via distributors, retailers and system integrators. This has required careful management to ensure that customers receive the same value and service no matter what sa ... Read more

Are You Still Using Outdated Manufacturing Software?

Over the last number of years, B2B manufacturers have made considerable investments in digital transformation initiatives. COVID-19 accelerated many of these initiatives, giving executives the confidence to embark on more ambitious transformation projects. But not all digital transformation ini ... Read more

How Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Supports Asset-Intensive Manufacturing

For asset-intensive manufacturing companies, managing configurations can be a daunting task. As the complexity of products increases and technology continues to advance, effective management of the product complexity across the configuration lifecycles is crucial for optimal business performance. Read more

The Growing Challenge of Configurable BOMs for Complex Products

We have all grown accustomed to the ability to customize, and even personalize, our purchase experiences. This is true of both consumers and corporations. The key word is “experience”. Our expectations have risen to a level where the ability to offer customization with a custom product builder ... Read more

Getting Ready for Product Configuration Management (PCM)

Product configuration management is the capability of systematically organizing, tracking, and controlling the components of a product or multiple products, including hardware, software, documentation, and associated assets to enable quick and accurate configuration of end products, facilitate ... Read more

Using Rapid Product Configurator Prototyping to Improve User Experience (UX)

Product configurators are now an invaluable tool in the sales process leading to more efficient and reliable sales processes, as well as better customer experiences. A product configurator can be used to create a customer self-service portal or enable resellers and dealers to guide customers to ... Read more

Cash Flow Optimization for Manufacturing In a World of Inflation

We are now in a world of inflation and high interest rates, which is something most C-level executives have not experienced. One has to go back to the 80’s to remember what it was like to manage a company in this kind of environment. This means that business models that have worked up to now mi ... Read more

Ensuring an End-to-End Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Manufacturing companies are in the midst of digitally transforming their operations through adoption of cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The goal is to first automate recurring processes, then monitor processes in real-time to understand operations and ... Read more