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Ensuring an End-to-End Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Manufacturing companies are in the midst of digitally transforming their operations through adoption of cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The goal is to first automate recurring processes, then monitor processes in real-time to understand operations and ... Read more

How to Build Product Configuration Models

In the emerging world of Model-Based Engineering (MBSE) and Model-Based Development (MBD), it can be daunting for many manufacturers to develop a product modeling solution, especially if it is to support the development of accurate product configurators for sales. But it doesn’t need to be that ... Read more

The CLM-Model-Based Connection

When I speak one-on-one with CIMdata clients as they wrestle with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) and other enterprise-level technology-based initiatives, I am often asked “what” and “why” in addition to the usual queries about “how” and “when ... Read more

How to Maximize Operational Efficiency with CPQ and Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions have been around since the 1980’s and have been widely adopted by organizations that need to ensure the accuracy of quotations in the sales process. By 2016, an Accenture survey showed that 83% of companies were using CPQ solutions. Today, that market conti ... Read more

Why Your PLM System Isn’t Enough

I recently participated in a panel discussion at the PLM Roadmap in Gothenburg, Sweden, where there were interesting conversations on the changing role of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in manufacturing. The questions posed generated thoughtful discussion, beginning with the very first ques ... Read more

Enabling Better Post-sales Customer Experiences with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Over the last few years, there has been a great deal of interest in using Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) to address complexity in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of products, services and systems. While CLM brings enormous value in all of these areas, we tend to overl ... Read more

What Is the Link between Digital Twin and Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

At Configit, we are often asked how Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is used to support Digital Twins. Configuration Lifecycle Management can bring these same values and benefits, if not more, to Digital Twins in the manufacturing environment. But to understand how Configuration Lifecyc ... Read more

The Challenge of Scaling Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems have proven to be a highly valuable tool for designing and developing new products and systems. Together with systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), PLM has become a critical IT system supporting the product development process in manufacturi ... Read more

Why System-Level Configuration Is Critical for Renewable Energy Manufacturers

Like most B2B manufacturing companies today, renewable energy manufacturers are facing shortages of raw materials and parts due to supply chain issues. In addition, rising commodity prices and looming inflation, coupled with the highly competitive value-based business model of renewable energy ... Read more

The Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for the Metaverse

At our 2022 Configuration Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit, we heard from Dave Rhodes, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Twins, at Unity on the growing importance of the industrial metaverse. Dave outlined the importance of this future platform by posing three questions B2B ... Read more