The Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Summit

What is the Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Summit?

The Configit Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Summit is the premier event for CLM practitioners
from around the globe

Since 2015, the Summit has brought together manufacturing experts, innovators, and leaders to share experiences, success stories, and insights on how to transform the end-to-end configuration management process into a competitive advantage.

As the first of its kind global conference for CLM practitioners, the Summit provides attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from and network with the leading minds in the field. Attendees come away with actionable insights on how a CLM approach can help their companies meet and exceed their business goals.

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Why Attend?

Build Your Network

✔ Connect with leaders in configuration management
✔ Build relationships with potential partners and customers

Learn and Engage

✔ Immerse yourself in the latest Configit products with interactive demonstrations and hands-on workshops
✔ Gain insights into the most cutting-edge B2B manufacturing trends with our expert speakers and thought leaders

Get Inspired

✔ Hear from innovative thinkers and learn from fellow leaders in B2B manufacturing how they are implementing the latest configuration technologies to future-proof their business

"I learned far more about the capabilities and future potential for my organization by seeing parallels across industries. I walked away with ten new potential paths to provide greater value with a solution we were already investigating."

— A CLM Summit Attendee

"I liked that the topics were a mixture of theoretical approaches, research as well as user stories."

— A CLM Summit Attendee

"Overall great content, speakers hit the mark on discussing key configuration challenges and solutions, and relevant across industries."

— A CLM Summit Attendee

"It was good to learn more about the foundational concepts to think about when considering configuration -- the need for business mapping, which systems it should interact with, etc."

— A CLM Summit Attendee

The 2024 CLM Summit:
A Look into Innovation and Inspiration

Selected Speakers from the 2024 Summit

Configit CEO Johan Salenstedt Opens the 2024 CLM Summit

Technology-focused Sessions

Experience the hands-on perspective of how technology can help solve the most complex configuration problems in the industry.

Through real-life use cases, attendees learn how Configit’s technology provides transparency on your product portfolio, the agility to adapt to new market requirements, and facilitates an error-free digitalized configuration process.

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Video recorded during the Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2024

The CLM Summit over the Years

Lot Size 1 as the Expected Norm*
CLM as an Enabler for Digital Transformation*
Beyond the Enterprise*
CLM in the Context of Internet of Things*
Creating a CLM Manifesto*

*Physical Event – No recordings available


What is Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an approach that centralizes product configuration data into a shared source of truth, enabling all business functions to collaborate seamlessly and deliver accurate, high-quality products.

Where can I learn more about CLM? contains webinars, tech talks, customer stories and more showcasing the benefits of Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM). From business benefits and use-cases to technical deep dives and product sheets, is the place to gather the relevant content needed to learn about CLM from the originators.

Is the event physical or virtual?

In 2024, the CLM Summit will be held virtually.

Is there a cost to attend?

There is no cost to attend the virtual event.

How do I sign up to stay informed about the CLM Summit?

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When is the next CLM Summit?

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