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Tech Talk
Peter Tiedemann
Product Manager
Consolidate, Compile, Consume: The Three Steps to a Shared Source of Configuration Truth
June 27, 2024, 10:00 a.m. EDT / 4:00 p.m. CEST
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  • R1 2024
    Configit Ace® 6.5

    Consolidate, compile and consume product models and configuration data on a ​shared-source-of-truth available to any user, at any location at any time.


  • R2 2023
    Configit Ace® 6.3

    More powerful BOM Solve solution, flexible localization, cost-effective cloud and efficient APIs.
  • R1 2023
    Configit Ace® 6.2

    Instantly generate 100% and 120% BOMs based on VT® compiled configurable BOMs.


  • R2 2022
    Configit Ace® 6.1

    Faster price validation and integration with invalid configuration identification and explanation.
  • R1 2022
    Configit Ace® 6.0

    Configuration of complex systems-of-systems with multiple levels and dynamic instances.


  • R2 2021
    Configit Ace® 5.8

    Fast, secure Model and Solution Space APIs.
  • R1 2021
    Configit Ace® 5.7

    SAP pricing in Ace Model, Salesforce CPQ and Autodesk Integration.
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