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Accelerate sales and improve order accuracy while gaining agility and speed to market with Configit Quote, the world’s most powerful enterprise CPQ solution.

CPQ implementation projects often fail from a lack of core configuration capability. Front-end features like deal management or incentive optimization won’t necessarily help your configurator project to succeed. Configit Quote® has the best customer success record in the industry, thanks in large part to Virtual Tabulation®. This patented technology provides the predictability, scalability and performance to take on the most complex products and global CPQ implementations.

"Configit Quote leaves no room for error"
- Fedja Voss, Key Account Manager, GEA Tuchenhagen

Source: Gea Tuchenhagen Case story


How we are different

  • Powerful configuration engine

    Configit’s Virtual Tabulation® technology enables you to handle highly complex product models containing thousands of rules and configuration options with industry-leading response time and performance.
  • Accurate master data

    Import and adapt product information from ERP or PLM systems, eliminating sales errors, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible and adaptable

    Customizable UI, app creation, multiple integrations with third party systems, and rich approval rules to support Engineer-to-Order (ETO) processes and prevent rogue discounting.



In addition to having strong integrations with ERP systems, Configit Quote® offers a modeling tool for extending your existing product definitions with additional logic, or creating new models for your complex product offerings in global markets.

Declarative modeling

Unlike other product modeling environments, Configit Quote®’s modeling tool enables the modeler to write configuration rules from any point in the process, and in a way that is both logical and flexible.

No programming required

Easily define complex products and analyze product models before release, all with minimal training for faster start-up.
  • Model

    Model and test your configurable products using features and rules based on Configit’s advanced Virtual Tabulation® technology.

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Other CPQ systems provide basic UIs and applications for data maintenance inside their system, leading to a siloed solution. We believe this is an error-prone and inefficient approach. Rather, master data should be re-used from your ERP or CRM system of choice, eliminating double maintenance of data. Configit Quote® has been designed to provide flexible integrations with these systems, including SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Configit has an out-of-the-box, certified integration to SAP for faster implementation.
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Quote Solution

Powered by Virtual Tabulation® technology, Configit Quote® can handle the most complex products and pricing structures. By extracting and compiling ERP data into a compact form, all possible configurations are available at your fingertips, making it fast and efficient to quote your complex products.

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Quote in Configuration Lifecycle Management

CPQ is just the beginning.

Like Configit Quote®, Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables the sale of configurable and customizable products, but it is also integrated to other business functions.

We view CPQ as just one aspect of your end-to-end configuration process. By introducing CPQ, you can streamline your business processes, from sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service. Creating this one set of configuration rules, accessible by all business functions, you get one single source of truth, eliminating errors, reducing cost and accelerating sales.

Highly configurable products are an asset. Learn how we turn your complex products into a competitive edge by extending CLM throughout your enterprise.


Faster quote turnarounds with 99% quoting accuracy

Read how KARL STORZ achieved these benefits, and more, by implementing Configit Quote®.
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