Configit Ace®

Solving the World’s Most Complex Configuration Challenges

Configit Ace® is Trusted by the World's Largest Manufacturing Companies

To manage product complexity, deliver what is promised and do so profitably, all product data across the organization must be aligned to a central configuration model. Configit Ace® SaaS will provide a real backbone of our organization."

— Andreas Witt, Head of Customer Software and Technology, Knauf Digital

About Configit Ace® ​

When PLM, ERP and CPQ are no longer enough, manufacturers turn to Configit Ace®​.

Configit Ace® is a SaaS product configuration and variant management solution designed to solve the most complex configuration challenges. ​

With Configit Ace® manufacturers eliminate configuration errors, reduce time to quote, and accelerate time to market while enabling cross-functional collaboration. ​

This establishes a shared source of truth for enterprise-wide configuration information enabling a Configuration Lifecycle Management approach.

Configit Ace® delivers unparalleled performance and zero errors thanks to our Configuration AI technology: Virtual Tabulation®.

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The Benefits of Implementing a CLM Approach with Configit Ace®​

Faster time to market

Faster order handling


Fast Performance And Zero Errors No Matter The Complexity​

Collaborative development, design and definition of all aspects of the product​

Analysis and optimization of all product variants and configurations over time​

Instant access to reliable, up-to-date product configuration information​

​— Zero-risk of miscommunication errors as all access the same up-to-date data

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How we deliver Configit Ace®: CLM-as-a-Service

CLM-as-a-Service provides Configit Ace® as a SaaS hosting solution where Configit takes responsibility for Configit Ace® and customer data providing multiple benefits for customers:

Leverage the extensive knowledge of Configit in hosting, operating and optimizing CLM-based solutions
CLM-as-a-Service delivers lower TCO relative to on-premises: no more servers, no more maintenance, no more upgrades
CLM-as-a-Service is designed for open integration to any system with secure and reliable APIs​
New customers can gain access to CLM-as-a-Service faster without having to wait for IT to establish the service.
Achieve significant savings on your Microsoft Azure costs through the MACC program

With Configit Ace® Vestas Achieved Greater Sales Efficiency And 12x Faster Time To Market


Consolidate And Consume Enterprise-wide Configuration Data Through Open APIs

Configit provides a comprehensive set of open APIs providing full access and control of Configit Ace® capabilities. ​

This enables configuration data from multiple existing systems to be consolidated in a shared-source-of-truth and consumed by any configuration application. ​

Configit Ace® open APIs are key to enabling a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach. ​

20+ Years Of Integration Experience

Configit Ace® Product Sheets

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API Product​ Sheet​
SaaS Operational Overview

Configit Ace® Enables a Phased Approach with Immediate Value

Configit Ace® provides up-to-date, reliable product configuration information that brings value to multiple departments. At the same time, Configit Ace® addresses specific challenges in each department allowing a phased introduction and expansion to ultimately enable
cross-functional collaboration on challenges and opportunities.

Configit Ace® helps us to deliver the customizations that customers on specific markets require without the need for extensive customization of Configit Ace® itself."

— Configit Ace® user at leading automotive company

Create A Reliable Shared Source of Truth For All Configuration Data​

— Define even the most complex product models ​ with declarative rules and guided assistance using Configit Ace Model® UI and API

— Consolidate existing product models, BOMs and pricing from multiple systems with Configit Ace® Compile API

— Test and verify product models before release with conflict resolution guidance using the Configit Ace Verify® UI

​— Securely consume product models in any system or product configuration application with the Configit Ace® Configure API

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