Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2024

May 15-16, 2024
Time (CEST)Time (EDT)TitleSpeaker
May 15 - Business Day
14.30-14.3508.30-08.35 a.m. Welcome Moderator
14.35-14.5008.35-08.50 a.m. Welcome from the CEOJohan Salenstedt, Chief Executive Officer, Configit
14.50-15.2008.50-09.20 a.m. Rethink: Accelerating Digital Transformation in B2B ManufacturingHenrik Reif Andersen, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Configit
15.20-15.4509.20-09.45 a.m. Customer Keynote - Navigating Customization Challenges in Premier Tech Wilhelm Bielert, Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, Premier Tech
15.45-15.5509.45-09.55 a.m. Break
15.55-16.2009.55-10.20 a.m. Modular Transformation: How to Master Complexity and Streamline Configuration Processes – End-to-EndDr. Jan Göpfert, Partner, PwC
16.20-16.4510.20-10.45 a.m. Configuring Complex Energy Solutions for the FutureJens Chemnitz, Vice-President, Head of ES: Engineering Architecture & Services, MAN Energy Solutions
16.45-16.5510.45-10.55 a.m. Break
16.55-17.2010.55-11.20 a.m. Keynote - Unlocking the Next Era of Digitalization in Manufacturing: From Design to Operations Paul Cutsinger Director, NVIDIA Omniverse Exchange
17.20-17.5011.20-11.50 a.m. Panel Discussion - Transforming Industries: The Nexus of Configuration Management and AIModerator: Rajesh Chaurasia, Associate Vice-President, Engineering Services, Infosys

Panelists: PwC, MAN Energy Solutions, Premier Tech, Configit
17.50-18.0011.50-12.00 p.m. Closing Business Day Moderator
May 16 - Technology Day
14.30-14.3508.30-08.35 a.m. Welcome Moderator
14.35-15.0008.35-09.00 a.m. Invest in Tomorrow: How CLM Empowers Future-Ready BusinessesHenrik Hulgaard, VP Product Management and Co-founder, Configit​
15.00-15.40 09.00-09.40 a.m. Engineering Productivity Track
From Design to Delivery: Increasing Productivity in Your Product Lifecycle Combining PLM with CLM
Dr. Florian Harzenetter, Senior Director and Global Advisor for Industrial, Electronics and High-Tech Clients, PTC
Anders Rasmussen, Product Manager, Configit
15.40-16.05 09.40-10.05 a.m. Engineering Productivity Track
Empowering System Engineering with Configuration Lifecycle Management
Henrik Hulgaard, VP of Product Management and Co-founder, Configit
16.05-16.15 10.05-10.15 a.m. Break
16.15-16.40 10.15-10.40 a.m. Sales Effectiveness Track
From “Bring-your-own-C” to “Bring-your-own-Q"
Jens Ellebæk, Consulting Offerings Manager, Configit
16.40-17.05 10.40-11.05 a.m. Sales Effectiveness Track
Migrating to SAP AVC? - An opportunity to Consider Alternatives ​
Jesper Blak Møller, Director of System Architecture, Configit
17.05-17.2511.05-11.25 a.m. Unlocking Tomorrow: Configit’s Vision for an Intelligent FutureDamantha Boteju, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Configit
17.25-17.35 11.25-11.35 a.m. Closing Technology DayModerator
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