Transform Your End-To-End Configuration Process
Into a Competitive Advantage

Our customers create highly configurable products while reducing the time from
product design, to sales, to manufacturing by up to 92%.
From Transactional to Transformational
We build configuration solutions for manufacturing companies to master the challenges of getting configurable products and services to market faster, and to sell, manufacture, and service them more effectively.

Trusted by global manufacturing companies for their mission-critical functions, our advanced configuration technology, Virtual Tabulation®, handles the most complex products on the market.

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Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

How can companies attain and maintain a competitive advantage?

By ensuring their entire organization is operating from the same data. To make sure sales doesn’t sell a product that can’t be manufactured, or engineering doesn’t design a product that isn’t marketable, every function that touches a product needs to be working from the same information.

We call this the shared source of truth. A well of configuration data that is comprehensive, accurate and easily accessible.

Our Configuration Lifecycle Management solution is the first of its kind to connect these functions with speed, accuracy and precision.

How Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Benefits Your Organization

  • CLM for the Enterprise

    Maintain your competitive advantage by aligning your organization to the same data.

    Learn how ABB, Demant, and Philips maintain their competitive advantage using a shared source of truth.
  • CLM for Sales

    An advanced sales configuration and guided selling solution for manufacturers of complex products.

    Learn how Krone, Viessmann, CNHi, and AGCO accelerate sales, increase customer satisfaction and eliminate errors.
  • CLM for Engineering

    Reduce modeling time, manage more products with the same resources and empower the transition from ETO to CTO.

    Learn how ABB, and Vestas achieve faster time to market with higher quality products and lower costs.
  • Trusted Leader

    As the pioneers of Configuration Lifecycle Management, we are trusted by the world's largest manufacturers for their digital transformation initiatives.
  • Proven Reliability

    Our proprietary implementation methodology ensures our 100% success rate continues to be unmatched in the industry.
  • Powerful Technology

    Our multi-patented Virtual Tabulation® technology, is the most advanced configuration engine on the market.

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