HVAC Equipment Manufacturers Must Align Business Systems to Stay Competitive

A shared source of configuration truth drives sales revenue, operational efficiency and customer excellence.
HVAC Equipment under Strain as Urbanization and Temperatures Rise

With the global heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market expected to reach $280 billion by 2028, manufacturers of HVAC equipment are facing increasing demand. One of the driving factors for this increased demand is the construction sector. Rapid urbanization, population growth and industrialization, combined with the variations in climatic conditions and desire for energy efficiency, have placed a burden on manufacturers of HVAC equipment and systems.

HVAC manufacturers must consider a wide range of factors when designing and selling their products, including maintenance, repair, and installation costs; sustainability, environmental, and regulatory compliance; and the needs of both new construction and retrofit projects.

To have the breadth and depth of product and market understanding necessary to address all of these factors, manufacturers need an end-to-end solution that connects the engineering, sales, manufacturing, and service functions.

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Streamlines and Accelerates Development, Delivery and Maintenance for HVAC Equipment Manufacturers

To keep up with this demand, HVAC manufacturers need to ensure their engineering, manufacturing, sales and service functions are aligned to a single source of truth. Understanding how, where and why products are designed, ordered, manufactured and serviced provides a feedback loop that enhances future product development and optimizes service to be more efficient and profitable.

Using a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach, manufacturers of HVAC equipment organize their operations around a shared source of product configuration truth. With Virtual Tabulation® technology as the backbone of Configit Ace®, end-users are assured that any product they configure is sellable, buildable, and manufacturable. This both streamlines and accelerates their omnichannel selling and ensures that quotes are error-free. No more returning to the customer to amend a quote.

With the system-level configuration ability of Ace®, manufacturers of HVAC equipment can design entire systems for both new construction and retrofits according to the desires of the customer. Whether that is the speed, cost or sustainability, understanding the interplay between equipment, technology and the environment provides accurate quotes that translate into manufacturable BOMs on the shop floor.

Grow Sales, Optimize Service and Expand Markets with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Selling HVAC systems is complex. But Configit’s configuration engine, based on the Virtual Tabulation® technology, makes it quick and error-free. The patented technology calculates all possible configurations and stores them in a database, so sales reps or even the customers themselves can select any configuration with confidence. This eliminates dead ends and back tracking.

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a key benefit for HVAC equipment manufacturers that sell through distributors. CLM’s support for omnichannel sales can help manufacturers penetrate existing markets more deeply and open new markets faster by providing the ability to create and manage product configurations, generate quotes, and track maintenance with greater accuracy and speed.

With maintenance and service a critical part of the HVAC business, it’s important to be fast, accurate, and efficient. By having a strong understanding of what’s installed in the field, you can provide more efficient service calls and gather valuable feedback for future product development.

With a fast moving, and growing, industry, HVAC equipment manufacturers must ensure their systems are able to keep pace with change. Using a shared source of product configuration truth as the core engine of all functions delivers increased sales velocity, greater operational efficiency and higher customer satisfaction rates.

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A comprehensive digital transformation implementation not only benefits us, but our partners are enjoying a seamless customer journey, increased customer satisfaction and greater client and partner retention. A true win-win!"

Christoph Dannler, Director of Global Sales Processes and Operations, Viessmann

Customer Case: Viessmann - Reducing Quoting Complexity for Happier Customers


With a broad range of global partners and multiple price lists, Viessman’s partners were finding it difficult to match the demands of their customers to the correct product and price.


Working with Configit, they created a solution called The Quote Assist that provides their partners guidance when configuring complex heating systems, including technical validation, that ensures the final product is complete and functions properly.


Today, Viessmann’s partners are able to quickly and easily configure heating systems while reducing product complexity, ensuring technically valid configurations, and eliminating errors.


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