NEWS June 2024 Product Release
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June 2024 Product Release

Consolidate, compile and consume product models and configuration data on a ​shared-source-of-truth available to any user, at any location at any time.​

CPQ for the World’s Most Complex Products

Our customers only quote what they can build based on Sales and Engineering creating an aligned product definition using our patented Virtual Tabulation® technology.

You Have Unique Challenges


Designing, manufacturing and selling complex products isn’t easy. With hundreds of thousands of possible combinations, your processes and data must be perfectly aligned and 100% accurate to avoid costly mistakes.

With Configit’s CPQ solution, your ERP, CRM and PLM systems are connected using patented Virtual Tabulation® technology. By centralizing all of your configuration data into one common hub, every function in your organization works from the same knowledge base. And because this data is pulled from your existing databases, there is no costly re-work. Whether your product data is in Excel, SAP or other systems, we import it as-is, align it with all other systems, and feed it back to your organization in a comprehensive, accurate and understandable format.


Configit allowed us to satisfy market requirements by streamlining and simplifying
a large number of processes, and eliminating duplicate data management.

– Henning Lobb-Rabe, Linde Hydraulics


We solve your most difficult challenges

Sell the right product
for you and your customer

With Configit, your customer is guided through the product selection process towards only a valid, buildable product that satisfies both their needs and your ability to deliver. A true win-win.

Don’t lose a sales opportunity

Sluggish quoting processes create opportunities for your competitors. With Configit, your sales team can respond faster to inquiries with accurate, reliable quotes.

Right price, every time

Configuration errors not only erode your profit margin by taking losses from incorrect price calculations, but creates a negative customer experience. Configit ensures your configuration is complete, so you have the right basis for calculating the price that takes all necessary parts of the product into consideration.

How we are different

  • Enterprise-wide rule management

    Get your products to market faster with our efficient, collaborative rule management. Working together, creating product definitions, you can be more responsive to market preferences.
  • Superior quality and performance with Virtual Tabulation®

    Guided by instant feedback, you can configure, price and quote without any errors. This flexible, backtrack-free process saves sales people time and creates a superior customer experience.
  • Aligned Sales and Engineering product definitions

    Re-use your product and pricing data from your ERP system, and aggregate rules from multiple business functions, to ensure configurations are correct from all perspectives - engineering, sales, and manufacturing.


Configit provides integrations to the leading enterprise systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics AX. In addition, we support bespoke integrations to other systems, using our standard APIs. All of our integrations are managed by our own highly skilled solution architects every step of the way.
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Product & Technology

Configit Quote®

Known for its robust capabilities, Configit Quote® is the core technology driving our CPQ solution. Learn more about Quote and our other products, including features, benefits, and technical details.
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Virtual Tabulation® Technology

Virtual Tabulation® is a disruptive technology that is transforming the manufacturing industry. By aligning all functions of your business with one source of configuration data, Virtual Tabulation® can sharpen your competitive edge.
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