To Scale with Demand, Renewable Energy Companies Need Flexibility, Speed, and Accuracy

Renewable energy companies that have adopted a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach are delivering more products at higher margins while staying ahead of changing market requirements.
Increased Demand for Renewable Products is Creating Production, Delivery, and Installation Challenges

The highly competitive renewables industry is based on creating value in the energy produced. Being able to quickly configure products with full product availability, time and data accuracy are a requirement. Optimizing not only your product but the installation, mechanics, functions and service of hybrid systems can make the difference between winning or losing a customer.

But with products getting larger, more complex and heavier, added constraints such as transportation and installation are hindering production capacity and scale.

An Engineer-to-Order product range is unwieldy, using excessive Engineering resources and ad-hoc workarounds that decrease transparency of product features. This results in slower time to market, lower utilization of product features, and a high risk of configuration errors.

Connect Products, Systems, and Site Conditions Using a Shared Source of Configuration Truth

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) makes it possible to move from an Engineer-to-Order process to a modularized product, making it easier to manage more configurations within the product portfolio, with fewer resources.

With CLM, renewable energy companies can optimize their modeling process using system-level configuration and parameter setting to create greater transparency and alignment on Bills of Material. The advanced costing functionality supports the bid process with site configuration capabilities that include multiple configured components.


With these extended system level capabilities, CLM allows both existing and new product models to be combined into systems with defined relationships between products and environmental parameters such as land or ocean floor use, anticipated energy generation, geographic location, height and weight restrictions, existing renewable installation, and more, to ensure the site will run as planned.


Develop Comprehensive Solutions Faster with More Accuracy and Greater Margins Using CLM

Using a Configuration Lifecycle Management approach, renewable energy companies experience benefits from both their front office and backend operations.

From more efficient handling of product customizations and increased throughput, usability and speed, to automatic configuration validation and simulation, and faster product releases, Configuration Lifecycle Management’s system-level configuration brings together the physical product and site conditions to create a cohesive, efficient, and effective energy-generating solution.

With faster availability of standard products and features, our renewable energy customers have achieved 80% faster sales configurations while handling more products with the same resources.

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Customer Case: Vestas - How CLM Helps Vestas Leverage Engineering and Sales Data


Increasing demand and changing market requirements was creating a challenge for Vestas. Their current solution wasn’t able to scale to meet these new demands, leading to a slow time to market, low utilization of product features, and high risk of configuration errors.


Working with Configit, Vestas created a CLM solution that enables Sales to process configurations faster, and Engineering to create Engineer-to-Order (ETO) and Configure-to-Order (CTO) configurations based on modularized building blocks, providing a broad and flexible product portfolio to meet the precise needs of every site.

  • Faster availability of standard products and features
  • Automatic configuration validation and simulation
  • Faster time-to-market of new products
  • Scalable with product complexity
  • Ability to handle more products with less resources
  • Full product as configurable product (Interlinked ETO and CTO)
Watch Vestas Present the Full Case

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