Sample Configurator

Experience first hand the benefits of a configuration engine that knows the full solution space by using Virtual Tabulation®

iHear Configurator

This iHear sales configurator displays how using VT™ technology enables consumers to configure a product and request a quote, while providing strong features such as starting the configuration anywhere in the process, no invalid configurations, and high performance.

The iHear product is modeled in Configit Ace® Model and published in Configit Ace®, where it is accessible from the Configit Ace® Configure module.

Eight Queens Game

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics.
What does chess have to do with product configuration?

Both require setting and achieving long-term positioning advantages with tactics concentrated on immediate maneuvers.

To be able to anticipate next steps while keeping a continued focus on the immediate is critical to achieving success in both the game of chess and the business of manufacturing complex products.
queen on a chessboard