NEWS June 2024 Product Release
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June 2024 Product Release

Consolidate, compile and consume product models and configuration data on a ​shared-source-of-truth available to any user, at any location at any time.​

One Sales Configurator for all Channels

Our customers simplify sales, improve efficiency and save millions of dollars by using a single integrated configuration solution across all sales channels.

Harmonize Your Sales Channels


Meeting complex and varied customer requirements across worldwide markets is one of the key challenges facing every global manufacturer. Ensuring that product variations can meet these requirements efficiently is vital.

Whether you want to serve one, or multiple, sales channels, our solution will scale with your needs. By using the same product definitions for dealers, resellers, customer self-service, internal sales or ecommerce channels, the information is consistent, regardless of where it is viewed.


Your Sales Configurator, Your Way

Maintain brand identity

Integrate and adapt UIs to the look and feel of each sales channel, so your customers get a seamless journey with a consistent brand experience.

Error-free data across sales channels

With Configit’s patented Virtual Tabulation® technology, all of your sales channels (partners, dealers, re-sellers, and direct) work from the same, error-free data. One single source of truth = zero configuration errors.

Accelerated guided selling

Users are guided to error-free configurations, faster and without detours, thanks to Configit’s Virtual Tabulation® technology.

How we are different

  • Enterprise-wide rule management

    Intuitive, flexible rule authoring, built-in quality testing, and Configit’s collaborative workflow helps get new customizable product models to market faster, with no compromise on quality.
  • Superior quality and performance with Virtual Tabulation®

    Configit’s configuration engine enables you to re-use your product and pricing data from your back-end systems, creating correct configurations and accurate pricing you can validate prior to deploying to your downstream sales channels.
  • Aligned Sales and Engineering product definitions

    Sell only what is engineered across all sales channels by ensuring that the entire organization has an aligned view of available product configurations.

Integrations made easy

Working in collaboration with partners, we can integrate to your front- and back-end systems, including the leading enterprise solutions from SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Dassault Systèmes (SolidWorks and Enovia), Aras PLM, PTC, and Salesforce.
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Product & Technology


Configit Ace®

Our flagship product, Configit Ace® delivers the most powerful rule authoring solution in the market. Learn more about Ace and our other products, including features, benefits, and technical details.
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Virtual Tabulation® Technology

Developed by university professors, Virtual Tabulation® is a disruptive technology that is transforming the manufacturing industry. Through its proprietary technology, VT™ enables Fortune 100 companies to design, develop and deliver complex products faster, with fewer errors and greater cost savings.
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