Elevator and Escalator Manufacturers Need to Control Engineering and Service Costs to Remain Competitive

A Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach provides the data and insights to increase service efficiency and profitability.
Legacy Systems, Multiple Geographies and a Complex Safety Compliance Landscape

Manufacturers of elevators, lifts, and escalators face a myriad of challenges.

High maintenance, installation and service costs, varying safety compliance standards and shifting occupancy habits require vertical transportation companies to be responsive, agile and efficient.

With growing urbanization and increasing pressure for energy-efficient products and solutions, elevator, lift and escalator companies need to adapt their systems and processes to meet increasing customer expectations of a streamlined digital buying process and end-product visualization capabilities, while controlling cost to remain competitive.

Improve Service Efficiency, Modernization and Safety with One Central Source of Product Configuration Data

Selling in a global marketplace can further complicate an already complex industry.

Building architects, developers and occupants each have different needs and expectations. This makes for a challenging environment to develop, manufacture, install and service elevators, lifts and escalators.

With Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), manufacturers can address these challenges by placing their product configuration data at the heart of the enterprise.

The key benefits CLM can help elevator and lift manufacturers achieve:

Reduce product development cost

With a centralized source of configuration data, manufacturers can optimize their product development to offer only the options that suit both them and their customer, reigning in expensive engineer-to-order cost overruns.

Streamlined selling and buying process

Selling in multiple countries means creating custom processes tailored to suit the needs of regional preferences, regulations and standards. With real-time 3D visualization from Unity, users can quickly see how their choices impact the overall design, while making a smooth user experience and faster, more accurate quotation.

Cost effective after sales service

This shared source of truth extends beyond the product to include maintenance and service, a historically difficult function to both predict and control. We’ve all faced the dreaded “elevator out of service” sign. These unplanned incidents of maintenance and service are costly in both repairs and brand/customer perception.

Reduce Callbacks, Optimize Service, and Accelerate Product Development with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Manufacturers using Configuration Lifecycle Management have greater control over their engineering processes by understanding which combinations of parts and features are ordered most so that they can transition to a Configure-to-Order business model.

With less time spent recreating the same or similar configurations from scratch, every time an order is placed, manufacturers can reallocate resources to more profitable tasks such as new product development.

This shared source of truth enabled by CLM provides benefits throughout the organization, not only in Engineering and Manufacturing.

For elevator manufacturers, this means turning their post-sales, service and maintenance functions into a source of revenue rather than a cost center. By having the knowledge of the exact configuration of an elevator or escalator means service calls will be faster (no more arriving with the wrong parts) with significant opportunities to provide information on updating and upgrading existing products.

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How CLM Helped a Leading Elevator and Escalator Manufacturer
Centralize Configuration Data and Processes


A global elevator and escalator manufacturer needed to harmonize their data, processes and systems through a global PLM and ERP rollout project to reduce instances of Engineer-to-Order for savings in cost, effort and lead time.


Using Configit solutions, the customer centralized their configuration data and processes, developing new product and sales configurators for different regions around the globe to configure their innovative elevator solutions.

In addition, the Configit solution enables the customer to maintain parametric rules for 3D models using an integrated design automation solution with SolidWorks.


With a shared source of configuration truth, the customer significantly reduced their offer-to-order process while enabling the design of error-free product models for their complex product portfolio.

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