Medical Device Manufacturers Need Transparency, Agility and Quality to Scale with Demand

To be profitable and competitive requires a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution.
Increasing Prices, Regulations and Supply Chain Instability Are Forcing a Strategic Shift in Business

Medical device companies have traditionally delivered value through the manufacturing and selling of equipment designed to diagnose and treat patients across the global healthcare landscape. Today, a range of forces from increased pricing pressures and regulatory compliance to supply chain instability and operational inefficiencies have reshaped the medical device landscape.

To maintain their market position and ensure long-term profitability, manufacturers must focus on unifying their product and process configuration to improve delivery lead-time, limit information handoffs and eliminate invalid orders.

By creating a shared source of configuration truth, manufacturers can ensure continuous, stable revenue, with extended upsell opportunities over time.

Aligning Data across Functions Provides Competitiveness, Profitability and Customer Satisfaction

By creating a central repository of all possible product configurations, with a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, manufacturers can ensure their entire organization is operating from the same data.

For Sales, this means never selling a non-compliant product; for Engineering, this means more time for innovation; and for Manufacturing, this means faster, more accurate delivery times.

Allowing users from multiple functions to collaborate using a shared source of configuration truth also provides greater transparency to capture costs from inventory replenishment, routing and drawing maintenance, order handling flow, engineering hours and more.

Capture More Value with Less Disruption Using Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Connecting data across functions not only eliminates errors due to siloed information, it also accelerates the development, manufacturing and sales of products and services.

Having a shared source of configuration truth provides greater operational efficiency across the organization, providing both internal value of cost savings and increased sales, and external value of enhanced customer experience and increased brand loyalty.

The result is a smooth, error-free process that creates a more competitive business with higher customer satisfaction, long-term stability and increased profitability.

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Infosys and Configit Deliver End-to-end CLM Platform Solutions with Robust and Seamless Integrations into the Most Complex Enterprise Architectures

Configit collaborates with Infosys, one of the global leaders for system integration (SI) capabilities, on large global CLM projects in the medical devices industry. As experts in designing, constructing and implementing global complex digital transformation projects with multiple integrations and global process workflows, Infosys integration services enable seamless flow of data and transactions across systems in complex and hybrid environments.

Infosys offers standard integrations to all relevant enterprise systems (ERP, PLM/PDM, CAD, ALM, and CRM), with the skill set and the manpower in global projects to also offer customized and non-standard integrations to legacy and home-grown data systems.

The partnership between Configit and Infosys delivers the experience and capabilities to analyze and redesign existing architecture, data structures, system landscapes, and workflows needed to implement a globally centralized end-to-end data model. Global medical devices manufacturers can rely on the combined strength of Configit and Infosys to deliver the modeling platform and configuration technology needed to succeed in an ever more competitive industry.

Model describing how CLM connects systems such as PLM, CRM and ERP aswell as legacy systems

Infosys + Configit Partnership Facts

Years of partnership

Enterprise CLM solutions for multiple joint global customers

Consultants are certified Configit experts worldwide

Configit Solutions Are Trusted by the World’s Largest Manufacturing Companies

Customer Case: Royal Philips – How CLM Delivers Value across the Enterprise

Royal Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and well-being, and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care.

Wanting to provide more value to their customers, Royal Philips began transitioning from a traditional equipment supplier to a health-focused, solutions driven company. Creating integrated solutions consisting of imaging, intelligent devices, sensors, software and more, Philips’ goal was to deliver solutions to meet their customers’ needs to create better patient outcomes.


Delivering these new, comprehensive solutions required a change in business model from selling individual products to selling multi-modal services. This, in turn, created an added layer of complexity in their go-to-market strategy.


Philips implemented a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution that supports commercial, manufacturing and engineering product configuration views that supports all product models and all channels. All configurations are managed centrally, offering transparency, quality improvement, and validation before release across the organization.


This new ‘configuration management as a service’ is a scalable, standardized process, supporting the configuration needs of all domains. Increased speed, performance and accuracy delivers value across the enterprise.

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