Resources, training and tools to grow your business.


The Configit Partner Program’s global network of experienced, knowledgeable experts help you get the most out of your investment.

Designed to provide the resources, training, and tools needed to build a practice, support new and existing clients, and grow a profitable business, our partners share our commitment to provide innovative solutions that help our customers reach their goals.


— Comprehensive training and certification

— Access to market-leading technology and products

— Access to knowledge on Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions

— Support CLM go-to-market solutions

— Dedicated team to support partners

Partner Types

Solution Partners


Configit’s Solution Partners provide the tools and services to support our customers in implementing CLM solutions.

Certified through Configit Academy, partners have proven expertise and deep knowledge of the industries served by Configit.

As strong allies in the implementation of CLM solutions, they provide valuable knowledge and resources to ensure interoperability by incorporating technological innovations that drive value.

Technology Partners


Configit’s Technology Partners are engagements where Configit’s and the Partner’s product offerings supplement each other.

By providing access to knowledge and expertise, the Technology Partners improve and extend the value of our offerings through combined initiatives with these leading technology companies.


Become a Partner

The Configit Partner Program is designed to provide the resources, training, and tools needed to build and enable a practice, support old and new clients, and grow a profitable business.