Virtual Tabulation®

Configit’s multi-patented configuration AI technology
that handles the most complex products on the market

We’ve seen our product modeling process go from two weeks to two days."

Dave Loomans, Manager, Sales and Marketing Systems, Greenheck Corporation

Zero configuration errors. Guaranteed.

  • What is it?

    Virtual Tabulation® (VT™) is a type of symbolic AI and is the only configuration technology that compiles every possible product configuration within your entire product portfolio. VT™ takes these millions of product combinations and compresses them into a compact, portable file.
  • Why it’s important?

    By having this complete solution space in one small, shareable file, you can guarantee that anything you sell is buildable and profitable. Sales, engineering, manufacturing and service are all working from the same information, eliminating errors and duplication of work.
  • What can it do for me?

    Because all calculations have already been performed when creating the VT™ file, selections made during the configuration process are simply look-ups, rather than re-calculations. The result is faster quotes, more sales and zero errors. Guaranteed.

Bringing order to complexity

Virtual Tabulation® is the technology that powers every Configit product.

Whether your company is in the market for a more powerful CPQ solution, or you’re ready to take it to the next level with a fully implemented CLM system, Virtual Tabulation® delivers unprecedented power, accuracy and speed.

Configit Products on monitors

How VT™ benefits you and your company

Virtual Tabulation benefits infograph


  • Higher quality products
  • Release new products faster
  • Efficiently manage product development


  • Reduce sales’ time-to-close
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate configuration errors
  • Greater profit margins with guided selling


  • Service products based on accurtate data
  • Generate service-based recurring revenue
  • Increase brand loyalty with predictive maintenance
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities


  • Inbound orders are complete and accurate
  • Send error-free BOMs to the correct plant
  • No production line stoppages because of order errors

How does Virtual Tabulation® compare to others?

Read this brochure for a side-by-side comparison of why our compilation-based approach is superior to others in the market.