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Case Stories


Read how ABB achieved a return on investment of more than 75%.

GEA Tuchenhagen

"Configit Quote Desktop leaves no room for error." Fedja Voss, Key Account Manager, GEA Tuchenhagen

Jaguar Land Rover

Learn how Jaguar Land Rover replaced legacy systems with a platform for future business initiatives using Configit Ace.


"Accuracy and efficiency are through the roof. This was a game-changer for us." Matt Butcher, CIO, KARL STORZ, North America

Kosan Crisplant

Linde Hydraulics

Quickly and easily convert even the most difficult configuration requests into a quote.


Read why Nestal chose Configit to increase functionality of their SAP ERP system resulting in faster, more accurate quotes and configurations.


Discover how configuration software helped Vestas keep up with 30% year-over-year growth.


Configuration Lifecycle Management

“…companies must look at solutions that enable end-to-end process and data management capabilities…”

CLM in The Automotive Industry

The increasing demand for more feature rich vehicles with a high degree of configurable options has many OEMs and their suppliers finding themselves constrained by old configuration management methodologies, supporting technologies, and Information Technology (IT) systems.

ABB Case Study by Nucleus Research

ABB’s Electrification Products Protection and Connection (EPPC) business unit drove the deployment of Configit as a common global sales configuration solution, accelerating the quoting and ordering process for configured and accessorized products and solutions.

Anonymous Case Study by Nucleus Research

One of the world’s largest capital equipment companies deployed Configit to streamline its product configuration processes resulting in increased lead capture through a customer-facing configurator.

Virtual Tabulation™

Significant improvement in the way configuration solutions are created, maintained, deployed and used through the use of Virtual Tabulation™ technology.

A Powerful Approach to Managing Complex Configuration

CIMdata’s review of Configit’s approach in solving problems associated with today’s top-down configuration methodology.

Sales-Oriented Product Models For SAP

How to support sales organizations with a sales configurator based on an existing SAP implementation.

Product Brochures

Configit Build

CPQ for 2D and 3D visualization

Configit Ace

Enterprise application for authoring all aspects of configurable products

Model brochure
Configit Model

Fast, efficient configuration application development

Quote Brochure
Configit Quote

Certified data integrity for quotes you can trust


Will your CPQ solution scale with your growth?

Manufacturing complex products has unique challenges. The proliferation of features, functions, and additional product lines can add pressure to an already overburdened CPQ system. This free ebook will help you determine if your current CPQ solution is the right one for you and your company.

New vehicle models are proliferating, yet customers aren’t finding
what they want

It’s an auto buyer’s market today, and manufacturers need to pay closer attention to their requirements, and redefine product lifecycle strategies that can flex to new buyer’s requirements. Download this free eBook to learn how Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is closing the configuration gaps and accelerating vehicle sales.

Academic Papers

Bridging the Product Configuration Gap Between PLM and ERP – An Automotive Case Study

Comparing two implementations of a Complete and Backtrack-free Interactive Configurator

BDD-based Recursive and Conditional Modular Interactive Product Configuration

Fast Backtrack-Free Product Configuration Using a Precompiled Solution Space Representation

Timed Verification of Asynchronous Circuits

Symbolic Model Checking of Timed Guarded Commands using Difference Decision Diagrams

Product Configuration over the Internet

Verification of Large State/Event Systems using Compositionality and Dependency Analysis

Practical Verification of Embedded Software

Difference Decision Diagrams

Boolean Expression Diagrams

A Comparison of Modular Verification Techniques

Nonstochastic Analysis of Manufacturing Systems Using Timed-Event Graphs

An Algorithm for Exact Bounds on the Time Separation of Events in Concurrent Systems

Efficient Checking of Behavioural Relations and Modal Assertions using Fixed-Point Inversion

Partial Model Checking

On Model Checking Infinite-State Systems

A Compositional Proof System for the Modal mu-Calculus

An Asynchronous Process Algebra with Multiple Clocks