Agriculture and Construction Equipment Manufacturers Need to Streamline Their Inefficient Product Configuration Processes

Increase operational efficiency and service revenue using a Configuration Lifecycle Management approach.
Complex, Distributed Product Portfolios Require Accurate Configuration Data

Agriculture and construction equipment manufacturers are experiencing a disruption in how they design, develop, manufacture and service their products.

With product portfolios often comprising multiple brands and sold through global dealer networks, the industry trends of product-as-a-service, embedded software, customization and connected solutions agriculture and construction equipment manufacturers are challenged in how they develop, sell, make and service products.

Add to this the demanding environments many of these heavy vehicles and machinery operate in, exposed to extreme weather conditions and working with heavy, sometimes dangerous, materials, the result is more frequent servicing that can present a challenge if the service technician sent to repair a piece of machinery does not have accurate information on its configuration, which make it extremely hard to.

Maintain Multiple Products, Markets and Sales Channels Using One Shared Source of Truth

By creating a single source of product configuration truth, manufacturers can free their siloed data, making it available to populate brand-specific dealer portals, customer-facing websites, virtual showrooms and more.

Because this central repository can integrate with existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, it can scale to accommodate multiple regions, dealers and products.

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) supports manufacturers with multiple brands and products by centralizing product configuration data in one enterprise wide configuration engine. This in turn enables organizations to create customized experiences for their customers, dealers, and brands using the same accurate data. By maintaining configuration data centrally, the time saved from maintaining multiple databases scattered across brands can be reallocated to more income-generating tasks such as product development, sales and more.

Deliver Increased Revenue, Profit and Customer Satisfaction with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Using a Configuration Lifecycle Management approach, manufacturers with multiple brands, markets and products can create a smooth, end-to-end digital customer journey.

Aligning their organization to one shared source of configuration truth enables companies to eliminate the data inconsistencies and silos that create bottlenecks in product development. Consolidating configuration data into one globally accessible source provides the tools needed to sell and service products with greater ease and efficiency.

Powered by Virtual Tabulation® (VT™) technology, manufacturers can create a complete digital customer experience, from websites and virtual showrooms to ecommerce, service, product upgrades and data analytics.

These brand-differentiated user experiences support omnichannel sales strategies as well as dealer autonomy, supplying the data needed for efficient, effective and profitable sales and service.

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Customer Case: CNH Industrial –
Delivering a Consistent, Exceptional Customer Experience with CLM


A Configit customer since 2012, CNH Industrial first launched their dealer portal, eQuipment, using Configit’s configuration engine. eQuipment is currently being used in more than 120 countries.

In 2018, CNH Industrial began an initiative to align not only the applications, but also the different brands on the same application. Developed based on experience and feedback from eQuipment users, the goal was to include additional CNH Industrial brands to create a seamless user experience.


Configit’s Sales Configurator, powered by Virtual Tabulation® (VT™) technology, formed the basis of the Company’s new sales app that includes their global dealer network. The Configit Sales Configurator extracts proprietary data from SAP and converts it into VT™ files. When orders are complete, they are automatically uploaded to SAP, allowing SAP to do the entire enterprise resource planning and execution of orders.


During order fulfillment, configurations are verified against the VT™ files to ensure they are complete and consistent. Because this new sales application includes dealers, public websites and internal ordering, it supports CNH Industrial’s multi-channel sales strategy while enhancing brand integrity.

CLM for Agriculture and Construction Equipment Companies

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