Leading Industrial Automation Companies Are Aligning Data across Systems to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Industrial Automation (IA) companies that have adopted a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach are increasing engineering productivity, eliminating manual rework, and delivering better customer experiences.
Competing Technology Ecosystems Are Creating Fragmented, Siloed Data and Poor Customer Experience

Serving industries from consumer goods to high-tech, Industrial Automation (IA) companies face pressures from multiple sources. Seen as an enabler and value-added answer to many manufacturing challenges, the IA industry itself needs continuous modification and maintenance in order to keep pace with industry trends and customer demands.

Often large, multi-national corporations, IA companies struggle with heavy technical debt due to multiple legacy systems stemming from either home-grown solutions or acquisitions.

These often competing technology ecosystems result in poor performance, constant rework, and frequent downtime.

Configit’s Modular Approach and Powerful Technology Leverages Existing Data across the Enterprise

Automation companies rely on an accurate, complete single source of truth to facilitate a coordinated, efficient manufacturing process.

By decoupling the configuration process from monolithic ERP systems, Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) creates a shared source of product configuration truth that can be shared throughout the organization.

With this platform-agnostic source of data, industrial automation companies can serve multiple industries and brands using standardized modules (Configure-to-Order) while decreasing engineering costs and improving the customer experience.



Boost Engineering Productivity, Minimize Risk of Errors, and Create a Better Customer Experience

Using a Configuration Lifecycle Management approach, industrial automation companies can capture more market opportunities with improved customer satisfaction, order accuracy, and speed of execution.

With interoperability across operating platforms, CLM decreases the cost and complexity of model maintenance and support, while facilitating the transition from Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-Order.

By aligning data across departments and systems using a powerful product configuration engine, IA manufacturers decrease or eliminate configuration errors in the products they manufacture, allowing them to get to market quicker with greater customer satisfaction.

Configit Solutions Are Trusted by the World’s Largest Manufacturing Companies

Customer Case: Rockwell Automation - How CLM Will Help Rockwell Align Product Data across the Enterprise


Provide a richer customer experience that would offer solution guidance using re-useable product designs.


Using a Configuration Lifecycle Management solution, Rockwell Automation leverages their existing product data and rules to maximize engineering productivity.

Anticipated Benefits

By repurpose existing rules, data and configurations, Rockwell Automation will maximize engineering productivity, minimizes risk of errors, and creates an overall better user experience.

Watch Rockwell Automation Present the Full Case

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