Tech Talk #1: Creating and Analyzing Your Valid Configurations

Get an insider’s view of how a configuration solution can provide distinct advantages in the market from Configit CTO Henrik Hulgaard.

This Tech Talk will uncover the technologies that provide faster results even when there are billions of possible product combinations.

From comprehensive analyses of all valid configurations and rule dependencies, understanding the different technologies and capabilities of configuration solutions is critical to be confident that anything you sell is both buildable and profitable.

tech talk #1

Tech Talk #2: The Two Core Capabilities in Managing Configuration Models over Time

In this Tech Talk, “The Two Core Capabilities in Managing Configuration Models Over Time,” Configit Chief Technology Officer Henrik Hulgaard discusses the two critical capabilities needed to properly manage configurable products: Versioning and Effectivity.

Watch as Henrik demonstrates the tools needed to analyze and understand how rules interact over time, and how this provides business benefits such as higher quality products, faster new product introduction and more efficient product development processes.

tech talk

Tech Talk #3: How to Leverage PLM to Master Product Complexity

Traditionally, product lifecycles were linear processes, with PLM systems handling design and engineering from start to finish. Today, manufacturing companies strive to let customers configure their products to support their individual personal needs, while harvesting the resulting data and behavior patterns to detect new trends.

This new landscape of increasingly complex products can no longer be managed using the traditional linear processes, and present significant challenges to manufacturers on their digital transformation journey.

Hear Anders Rasmussen, Senior Principal Software Developer at Configit, discuss why integrating a PLM system with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides the scale needed to meet the growing complexity of products and dynamic customer requirements without impacting existing system installations and processes.

How to Leverage PLM to Master Product Complexity

Tech Talk #4: BOM Validation - Delivering on the Configuration Promise

An efficient configuration process to create valid Bill of Materials (BOMs) is critical to the success of industrial companies. Whether the product consists of ten, or ten billion, features, it affects almost everything from cost, quality and sourcing, factory layout, customer choices, and service efficiency.

Hear Anders Rasmussen, Senior Principal Software Development, Configit, review the standard validation checks, including features, effectivity, availability, over-engineering and under-engineering in this Tech Talk, “BOM Validation - Delivering on the configuration promise.”

In addition, Anders discusses:

  • BOM optimization (find low & high runners)
  • Super BOM and Unit BOM concepts
  • Abstract configuration over features: sales, marketing, technical
  • BOM configuration over parts, driven by features
  • Typical approaches: control models

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