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Three Steps to Reduce Complexity in Product Configurations

Read the three-pronged approach to address and manage complexity as described by Configit Chief Technology Officer Henrik Hulgaard.

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Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sustainability

Read how you can leverage existing configuration technology to help customers find the balance between performance, price, and sustainability.

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Looking Ahead to Manufacturing in 2022 by Henrik Reif Andersen

Configit Chief Strategy Officer Henrik Reif Andersen offers predictions on the biggest trends in manufacturing in 2022.

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Johan Salenstedt of Configit on How to Use Digital Transformation to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Learn the five ways companies can use digital transformation to take their business to the next level from Configit CEO Johan Salenstedt.

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Looking Ahead to Manufacturing in 2022

Configit Chief Strategy Officer Henrik Reif Andersen shares his top manufacturing trends for 2022.


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The Triple Win of Sustainable Manufacturing

Read Configit CEO Johan Salenstedt’s article in NASDAQ on how ‘green configuration’ contributes to a healthy triple bottom line.

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Using Sustainable Product Configuration to Enable Customer Choice

Configit CTO Henrik Hulgaard’s article on how product configuration technology can play a pivotal role in managing sustainability goals and providing customers with ‘green’ product options.

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Driving Digital Transformation with Configuration Lifecycle Management

Henrik Reif Andersen, Chief Strategy Officer at Configit, discusses the strategic importance of keeping the customer at the center of your digital transformation initiatives.

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